25 Ways to Stay Active in Retirement

Photo by Hans Geel from Shutterstock

Take up home brewing

Do you like the occasional mug of ale or glass of wine? If yes, why don’t you simply try to make it yourself? Did you know that there are all sorts of kits that would help you get started?

And trust me, once you get the taste of it, you can easily develop your skills to create a new Galen IPA or elderberry, damson, or even blackberry wine from different fruits.

Become a pub regular

You can make a habit out of going to the pub, and not only for the pints! All sorts of local pubs will often play host to different skittles leagues, active pub quiz teams, and even darts leagues.

Plus, you could start setting up your own arrangements, so you can meet up with different friends for traditional pub games like dominoes, backgammon, or even draughts.

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