25 Ways to Stay Active in Retirement

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Become an expert at everything you feel passionate about

If you always wanted to learn conversational Chinese, or how to bake a wonderful souffle, or even perform mind-boggling magic tricks or amazing juggling schemes, identify bird songs, or perhaps learn all the Latin names of your plants, one thing is for sure.

You have to practice it until you’re perfect at it. Because according to Anders Ericsson, a professor at the University of Colorado, practicing anything at all for 10,000 hours can make ANYONE a living expert at it.

Get an allotment and grow your own

Growing your own food has probably been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences, not only spiritually, but also physically. I mean, all that time digging and harvesting your crop right under the blue sky probably is the thing that kept you hale and hearty.

Look out on the internet and find out new ways to care for your seedling potatoes, runner beans, and even carrots.

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