9 Amazing Small Towns to Retire In

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Middletown, Conn.

Connecticut is well-known for its high-cost area, and Middletown makes no exception. However, the Hartford metro area which also includes Middletown, is the most affordable area, including Stamford and New Haven, as the Council for Community and Economic Research mentioned.

Plus, the local residents that are living there have no difficulty whatsoever making it work. The city’s average income for all types of households is $90,977 a year, and it gets even better for the elderly population with incomes for residents that are 60+.

As Middletown is also the home to Wesleyan University, you would benefit from ALL the perks that come with it: numerous restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. You will also take advantage of the Wesleyan Institute for Lifelong Learning, where you can follow no-credit courses, lectures, and many other educational opportunities.

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