9 Amazing Small Towns to Retire In

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Burlington, Vt. 

There’s a small town on the shores of Lake Champlain that will offer you a picturesque setting if you’re a tree-hugging type-of retiree. There are many options for outdoor recreation, as you could go hiking or biking paths for miles, and there are also beaches for you to swim in close proximity.

When it’s sunny outside, you can go kayaking or even paddle boarding. There’s an eco-friendly vibe that surrounds the town, from the businesses that are bolstering the city’s economy, like household-products maker Seventh Generation, to the beloved local food movement that feeds the whole neighborhood.

However, being so green might cost you a bit, because, in Burlington, the taxes and living costs aren’t exactly low. The median home value might be $206,000 in the Green Mountain State, but in comparison with the median of $229,000 for the U.S., in Burlington, it easily climbs up to $326,500.

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