Don’t Have Any Savings? Here Are The 8 Best Places to Retire

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Why are they so great?

Before we start looking into why these are great places to retire, we will explain a bit more about why you should consider them if you’re in a position where you’re short on retirement savings. And it comes down to one word: affordability! If you think about it, people are thinking about this whether or not they think they will be in trouble due to their savings; we all like to be sure we’re not losing money or paying more than we should be!

All these cities are known for having an average home price of under $200,000, which makes relocating while you’re selling your old house an easy task, and it can also leave you with money to spare! Moreover, renting is also on the affordable side if you have to do it.

The best selling point about them, however, is the fact that, excluding one city in New Mexico and two in West Virginia, the state will not tax you on your Social Security benefits! This is amazing news for most retirees, as you can be sure and plan ahead for how you will split your money up for that month!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Have Any Savings? Here Are The 8 Best Places to Retire”

  1. I’d MUCH prefer any of the numerous tropical expat destinations! The would not only be less expensive (possibly significantly less), but nicer weather than any of these places.

  2. Pennnsylvania can eat you up with school taxes. Being a commonwealth, the whole state is broken up into townships. So much waste and duplication of services it more than makes up for not taxing social security or retirement income. The school tax is the killer. The state has more tax collectors than the entire country combined.

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