Happy Retirees: 9 Activities You Should Try!

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2. Eat Healthily 

If you want to be happy and full of energy, you need to take a closer look at your diet. Maybe you used to snack a lot when you were working, but now is a good time to change those habits, especially since you’re a retiree and have more time.

Take advantage of those extra hours in your day and experiment with some healthy and delicious recipes. Just because you eat clean doesn’t mean that it has to be boring, so take your time to discover your new faves.

…If being happy is not enough motivation to make you want to start eating more healthily, here’s some more: it will help you keep extra pounds at bay, your skin will look better, your gut will be properly working, and the list can go on!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Retirees: 9 Activities You Should Try!”

  1. As a young man I wanted to live forever. However at eighty nine I have more aches and pains than I could ever imagine. Mentally I’m still good, but The hip pain is getting worse, and pills don’t help.

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