Moving for Retirement? 6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Reconsider

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Have you thought of moving and leaving your hometown behind once you retire? Many of us consider it, and the reality is that we now have the time to explore and possibly travel as we have always desired. And as we grow older, there is a lot of talk about moving away for retirement.

However, for a lot of people, retirement is not about moving, but rather staying at home (or close to home)! And while everyone talks about retiring to sip cocktails somewhere in Florida or play golf in Arizona, the reality is much different. A study has shown that most Americans happily spend their retirement years at home.

And if that sounds foreign to you, we have gathered some of the best reasons why people are choosing to stay in their homes and in their communities for their silver years. Moreover, if you’re sure you’re going to move, maybe it would be great to look at our list and see if you’ve considered everything when it comes to relocating!

Let us know if you plan to retire at home or if you are considering trading your state for another one!

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1 thought on “Moving for Retirement? 6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Reconsider”

  1. I take issue with several of these comments as being relevant for only a small number of people. For instance, many of us have children elsewhere, and we move to get closer to them. We move because the weather is better somewhere else; we move because the house is now way too big and hard to take care of; and sometimes we move because we can find better medical care.

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