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I never subscribed but yet multiple times a day I receive this shit please remove my fucking email Don Powellhttps://retiredinusa.compowellone@comcast.netUnsubscribe I did not ask to receive these emails Kevinhttps://retiredinusa.comkdomer@comcast.netSTOP SENDING ME EMAILI never signed up for your crap, I don’t care about your crap, stop wasting my time with your crap. Remove me for good. Cecehttps://retiredinusa.comcecehome@comcast.netIntrusiveStop all emaiksCalvin Kenneth Myershttps://retiredinusa.commyersck@verizon.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBEDiana business practice to sign retired people up for multiple advertising solicitations! Get away from me!Robert Beckwithhttps://retiredinusa.comrjbeckwith@comcast.netUnsubscribeI'm not interested...too many emails.Debhttps://retiredinusa.comlynchclan10@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeeDuanehttps://retiredinusa.comcomfort3884@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Philip M. Kaymanhttps://retiredinusa.compmk1555@ymail.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe from all emails for all products James oliver https://retiredinusa.comjimoliver1981@yahoo.comUnsubscibeNoneL s kanopkahttps://retiredinusa.comlskanopka@yahoo.comUnsubscribeToo difficult to read an entire article. Too many screens to navigate. Not worth my time to trial-and-error attempt to read the content...user access snd satisfaction needs a lot of improvement ....the advertising revenue is so good. It'll never be fixed.Beverly Thompsonhttps://retiredinusa.comdavebev3141@yahoo.comUnsubscribe No interestmike stevenshttps://retiredinusa.commikestevens302@yahoo.comunsubscribe to retire usaYou have too many extraneous advertisements when describing one specific idea. It becomes confusing.L s kanopkahttps://retiredinusa.comlskanopka@yahoo.comEase of useHave a qualified "Ease of Use" Expert Review your pages. It is difficult to navigate an article for reading enjoyment, too much advertising interference. Not worth the time or energy.dYES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME![YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!] b[YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!] bHarvey Spectrehttps://retiredinusa.comharveyspectrework2@gmail.comQuestion about your websitesHey, Your website design, theme and visuals are really impressive. I know how hard it is to perfectly design and optimize your website. But I noticed some mistakes that you've made: website layout errors and search engine optimization (SEO) which may be leading to a decline in your organic SEO results. If you want Free advice regarding your website to increase up to 1.5 millions visitors plus Conversion and Leads. Also, if you want us to distribute your products to social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest platforms? Please share your "Phone Number" and the best time to reach you. ------ Thanks/Regards Harvey Spectre Call: 1-620-765-4699Kim https://retiredinusa.comkjgagnon@comcast.netPlease remove me from your listKindly remove me from your list for all. I have requested this multiple times and I am still receiving your emails. Thank you.CMhttps://retiredinusa.comktleo@comcast.netNo more emailsI no longer want to receive emails from this companyGordon Westhttps://retiredinusa.comgwest01@comcast.netSimply too many emailsYour site was informative. I do not travel much anymore.Jay Terpenny https://retiredinusa.comEaglebrook1540@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Sherry Cowarthttps://retiredinusa.combutterflie43@yahoo.comStop sending me emailsStop sending me emailsShttps://retiredinusa.comshikitahollins@yahoo.comHUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM EVERYTHING!!!!Lina daukashttps://retiredinusa.comlinadaukas@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me! Second request!!Headings promise an article that doesn’t appear and must be hidden. Why isn’t one unsubscribe request sufficient?Ken Karpinskihttps://retiredinusa.comk1966@comcast.nettypo on this page "typical" needs only one "i" in its spelling. I agree about the cities like Los Angeles and New York but Hawaii is not a city but a state.Donna A Russellhttps://retiredinusa.comrussellpd@cox.netI wish to opt outPlease unsubscribe me!William Edward Brownhttps://retiredinusa.commrwillbrown@comcast.netYou've made it too hard to unsubscribe and it should be illegal.You've made it too hard to unsubscribe and it should be illegal.fuck youhttps://retiredinusa.comfuckyou@aol.comfuck your selffuck you leave me alone and fuck you you suckGrace Sayonhttps://retiredinusa.comgcsayon@yahoo.comInformation on retirement I have a knee problem and I planning on early retirement.F. Kennedyhttps://retiredinusa.comezloan1@cox.netBetter siteTURN OFF THE CONSTANT INTRUSIVE ADSChristopher Edwardshttps://retiredinusa.comsir.chris@comcast.netSpam e-mailI keep unsubscribing from all your messages to no effect.Dhttps://retiredinusa.comdbf@charter.netUnsubscribing I never signed up for any of these sites, quit spamming peoplechttps://retiredinusa.comcherylrubenstein@comcast.netPLS UNSUBSCRIBE MEI have been begging you to unsubscribe me from all of your connected affiliates and this site numerous times now. Please before I have to report this.ted stoklosahttps://retiredinusa.comtjsrx@comcast.netunsubscribeplease unsubscribe all thingsEric Bellhttps://retiredinusa.comshoptroll@comcast.netPiss off!I didn’t sign up for this and it’s a load of crap that you don’t just have a simple unsubscribe button. You suck! Unsubscribe Me!!!!!!!!None of your business https://retiredinusa.comtjarman81@aol.comUnsubscribe me I don’t appreciate unsolicited email Patty Kresshttps://retiredinusa.compkress1957@yahoo.comSpamYour topics are interesting, but I don't like scrolling through 50 web pages to see what you have to say. Very often a chart or spreadsheet would do the trick. Instead your content requires clicking through dozens of pages and even more crappy advertising. Gotta opt out. I don't have time for that kind of content. Greg Autreyhttps://retiredinusa.comgmautrey@comcast.netEmailsPlease remove me from all emailsPamilahttps://retiredinusa.compamilads@aol.comUnsubscribe from ALL !!!Pleasse don't send any more infoAnne Golubhttps://retiredinusa.comdartmoor22@comcast.netreason for unsubscribingThere are so many ads on page it is too difficult to navigate to the article you are trying to read!Willis Holmanhttps://retiredinusa.combholm27@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeMartin hugheshttps://retiredinusa.comspottedmustanghorse1@aol.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscibe meTerence Woganhttps://retiredinusa.comtmwogan@comcast.netbullshitUnsubscribe meRichard LaBongehttps://retiredinusa.comRlabonge@fiberoptic.comwant to subscribe but didn't get confirmation emailwant to subscribe but didn't get confirmation emailwilliam b mumfordhttps://retiredinusa.comtaleofthecrip@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribe meSusan Cardozahttps://retiredinusa.comsusan_4128@yahoo.comTAKE ME OFF ALL YOUR MAILING LISTS!!!!I don't know how you got my email address....I never requested any of your emails. Remove me immediately.Linda L Spicerhttps://retiredinusa.comlindaspicer103@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!!UNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!!Dawn Clark https://retiredinusa.comdrclark54@yahoo.comWhat kind of SCAM ARE YOU RUNNING???How many “sites” am I going to have to unsubscribe from with the exact same newsletters??? This one is called Retired in the USA. The one last week was called The If you do not get my email off ALL of your scam “websites”, I will report you. And believe me, I am keeping track of all of my requests. Dawn Clark Bill HORNDOGGIE https://retiredinusa.comwhorvath856@comcast.netunsubscribe meSites suckWilliam Andrewshttps://retiredinusa.comWpandrews@yahoo.comUnsubscribe email wpandrews@yahoo.comUnsubscribe email Kathi Hortonhttps://retiredinusa.comkathi.horton@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me from all your lists - I don't believe I ever signed up for them.Butch Garrenhttps://retiredinusa.comtheengraver@comcast.netsubscriptionJust don't have time. Please unsubscribe me. 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Thanks.Bill Tisdallhttps://retiredinusa.comwilltisdall@comcast.netWhat the hell?This is the third time in as many days that I have “unsubscribed” from all of the websites listed - yet I still receive this crap. Why? I will go to a lawyer if this does not stop. I have no idea who you are or how you got my email. Just stop emailing me!Kay https://retiredinusa.comstrain.1230@comcast.netI have unsubscribed repeatedly. Please STOPSTOP emailing meElizabeth R. McIlhenneyhttps://retiredinusa.commcilhenney@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe meNone Your Business https://retiredinusa.comckkappes@comcast.netRemove my emailRemove my email from your list. I have unsubscribed over and over and yet I still get your relentless emails.Susie Denisehttps://retiredinusa.comDenise_Carnell@Comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe my email address including all of your affiliates. 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It appears your using your headline title to get the attention of seniors to feed them your propaganda. Tommy Nelsonhttps://retiredinusa.comvintageentertainment@verizon.netDid not subscribe to any of this.I did not subscribe to any of these mailings. I've unsubscribed to what I never subscribed and still get emails. What gives?MiyNamehttps://retiredinusa.comMyEmail@myemail.comyour siteDisgusting conservative nonsense.Donhttps://retiredinusa.comks1247@comcast.netUnwanted emailsI am tired of getting bombarded with your emails. They are totally unwanted. I don’t want ti get anymore. Please stop immediately.Joseyhttps://retiredinusa.comeegjoy@aol.comUnsubscribe not workingI have allowed 22 days and I am still receiving 2-5 messages a day from the groups that are listed and I have checked off all the boxes asking to be unsubscribed. Please make sure I stop receiving these messages.Charlie Dickenshttps://retiredinusa.comchass53@comcast.netCrapTake me off your list now!Sallyhttps://retiredinusa.comsally_morgan@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all you lists.Matthew J Kochhttps://retiredinusa.commjkoch44@aol.comUnsubscribe me!Please stop sending me emails. I'm not interested. Unsubscribe me.Melissahttps://retiredinusa.comnaturallygray@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me to all your newsletters! The link you have to unsubscribe doesn’t have the button that I was instructed to click to complete the process. Convenient, right? I did not request these emails and do not wish to receive them. UNSUBSCRIBE ME!Lisa Kinghttps://retiredinusa.comlisalking64@yahoo.comYes! Unsubscribe me!!Yes!! Unsubscribe me from your emails!!Sharron Simmonshttps://retiredinusa.comsharronsimmons35@yahoo.comI'm not a senioeStopGail Buller https://retiredinusa.combuller.gail@yahoo.comToo many ads!Too many ads! I can’t even find the article!Robert Braffordhttps://retiredinusa.comrrb1229@comcast.netUnsubscribeToo many emailsPaul Kellya!ahttps://retiredinusa.compaulffmed@comcast.netUnsubscribe me now!This email address has been asked to be umsubscribed for several weeks. I am asking again for this to be done! Chris Kellerhttps://retiredinusa.comCHRISDOGMOM@COMCAST.NETUnsubscribe me!Stop your e-mails!!Veehttps://retiredinusa.comcnstncmalone@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBEPlease unsubscribe me from any and ALL emails from you or your affiliates. Thank you.Maryhttps://retiredinusa.commaryszumlanski@comcast.netUnwanted Emails I keep unsubscribing from ALL and you keep sending me emails. Get my email off...UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL.. .NOW. Lhttps://retiredinusa.comyoung_one52@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUNSUBSCRIBE ME AS THE FAA ENSURES THIS TO HAPPEN IF I REQUEST IT.Greg Stricklandhttps://retiredinusa.comg.strickland@ymail.comPlease remove me from all I asked to be removed over 10 days ago from everything on the list. I am still receiving emails. Please stop. ThanksLeonard Hackerhttps://retiredinusa.comllhacker@verizon.netunsuscribingPlease DO NOT unsubscribe me.Cara Muellerhttps://retiredinusa.comcle6464@yahoo.comSpam Do not add people to list without them subscribing.Daniel Kruitboschhttps://retiredinusa.comdkruitbosch@rocketmail.comNot interested Not interested in the material in the emails and there is way to manywendy spruiellhttps://retiredinusa.comwendyks@comcast.netCollecting SSA at age 70 I would like to attend a SSA seminar but cannot find one locallywhen I search on line? My zip code is 70471 Should I start with the SSA office in Lacombe, La? Are they open for business? My husband is turning 70 in May and we would like to get some information. Thank youKristine L Hockhttps://retiredinusa.comkrishock@comcast.netunsubscribeI would like to be taken off your lists. I have unsubscribed several times. Sheila L Marinohttps://retiredinusa.comsheilalyn@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeJeff Aplehttps://retiredinusa.comjeffapple3@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have sent an unsubscribe request multiple times, and you folks just don’t get it. Leave me alone, please! GREGORY A SCHMUCKERhttps://retiredinusa.comgschmucker_608@comcast.netunsubscribe me already!I have told you cocksuckers several time to unsubscribe me several times already!Rita K Petersonhttps://retiredinusa.comrpeterson700@comcast.nettoo many emailsI want to unsubscribe from all your emails. Nothing personal, I'm cleaning house from allSusan Marenshttps://retiredinusa.comsmarens@nyc.rr.comYour article on 7 worst cities to retire in....I don't know what century you are using to judge NYC as a place not to retire, but your facts on housing, a 1-bedroom is $5k+ and you wrote, "two-bedroom apartment costs around $2,500 per month", and then to talk about crime which if you read a DAILY page you will know about all the racist batterings, multiple subway killings and assaults, bicycle chaos hitting pedestrians, etc etc "But at least it has a low crime rate" is what you wrote. Please facts not someone's dream, I only wish a 2 bedroom was $2500, we'd kill for that! It doesn't do anyone a service to write half truths, please do your research. I agree it's difficult to retire here, especially to actually move here to retire when you haven't lived here to get a rent stabilized apartment (which is again to die for)! Tongue in cheek is my reaction but I was really surprised at how out of date your statements on NYC are/were.Adamhttps://retiredinusa.comadam_mckeown@yahoo.comYour list of best/worst cities may be partisan and implicitly racistWith regard to this page, which was sent to my email: The rankings of cities seem to involve racially biased crime data, and they assume that the reader agrees with the idea that taxation is drain on one's resources and not a form of civic participation. This list, in short, strikes me as a list of the worst cities to retire to if you are a white libertarian. Maybe if it were transparent about its priorities it would be useful, but I personally found it offensive and would rather not receive this kind of thing in my email. Jasonhttps://retiredinusa.comib4jaden@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease remove me from all mailing list. Thank you Jack Antoinehttps://retiredinusa.commassgc@comcast.netSpamStop bothering me please. Bobhttps://retiredinusa.comthe4farrells@yahoo.comRemove emailRemove emailPatricia A Jacksonhttps://retiredinusa.compatricia.jackson1@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from all of your e-mailsI receive way too many e-mails every dayDavid Pattonhttps://retiredinusa.comdpattons@comcast.netUnsubscribe to allI never signed up for your emails and I want to be removed from all your lists. Please do not pass on or sell my address to anyone else. Thank you.Alfred Hesshttps://retiredinusa.comAHESS321@COMCAST.NETunsubscribeyes unsubcribe meKathy TwoBearshttps://retiredinusa.comtwobearsk@comcast.netUnsubscribed mulitple timesI have unsubscribed multiple times. I am formally requesting you remove my email from all of your newsletters/email lists. I also request you do not sell any of my information. Thank you, Kathy TwoBearsLee V Hollowayhttps://retiredinusa.comleeholloway78@yahoo.comDon't want to receive your mail.Your propoganda is not revelant to me. Thanks for deleting my email from your mailings.Adriahttps://retiredinusa.comadriaester@comcast.netUnsubscribe me NOWI WILL REPORT YOU IF I HAVE TO UNSUBSCRIBE MYSELF ONE MORE TIME. I DO NOT WANT ANY OF YOUR LITERATURE EVER! PLEASE STOP OR I WILL DO WHAT I CAN TO REPORT YOU! Shttps://retiredinusa.comssosebee@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE YES UNSUBSCRIBE MEDeb Jeffrey https://retiredinusa.comdebsthelaw33@comcast.netEmails I never signed up so please stop sending them now!Thomas Dawshttps://retiredinusa.comvnamvet@comcast.netadsI have requested to unsubscribe from all of your advertisements many times in the past month yet I keep getting them. Please take me off of your list. Thank you.James Donnellyhttps://retiredinusa.comdonnellyjim@comcast.netUnsubscribeYESGeorge Usovahttps://retiredinusa.comdrgmu@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have repeatedly unsubscribed from your unwanted emails for over a month. I still get your emails Please STOP.Ghttps://retiredinusa.comjerngail@comcast.netUnwelcome emailsI’ve asked repeatedly to be removed from this and all your connected mailings. I continue to be flooded with emails that hold NO interest! Please follow through with removal of this and any other site you are connected to. Vivian L. Grkovichttps://retiredinusa.comgrkovics@comcast.netNo interestI'm not interested in these notices and subjects.Fred https://retiredinusa.comfreddie_brown20@yahoo.comSpamNo one wants these Wendy Walshhttps://retiredinusa.comwendy.walsh@comcast.netEmailTok many Regina Breland https://retiredinusa.comrbreland36@comcast.netUnsubscribe I do not care to receive any of these emails. They are not pertinent to me.Jill Andrewshttps://retiredinusa.comshawneetag@yahoo.comunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all of these sites. I am not interested in them and am tired of asking to be unsubscibed. Are you selling my info? Princess Kinghttps://retiredinusa.comprincess1976king@yahoo.comUnsubscribeTake me off ur fucking list!!!!!!!Mary Berubehttps://retiredinusa.commaryberube78@comcast.netUnscubscribeI want to be unsubscribed from all your emails! And, I have unsubscribed myself including the annoying need to check them all off when I do. Please just unsubscribe me forever! Thank you.Rebekahhttps://retiredinusa.comdexterboy01@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBEI have unsubscribed multiple times in the last several weeks and I am still receiving emails from a combination of the dozen or so sites I can unsubscribe from! STOP SENDING ME EMAILS! I never subscribed to them in the first place!Sonia Lundyhttps://retiredinusa.comsonialundy@comcast.netCancel emailsToo many emails too many adverts!!!Gregory F Slatteryhttps://retiredinusa.comLakeman127@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from all emails.Paul Bouthner Jr.https://retiredinusa.comsawneybeane@comcast.netPlease Stop........the relentless barage of useless puke! Robert J Rakershttps://retiredinusa.comqcbjjrex@yahoo.comUniscribe To many emails.Michelle L Millerhttps://retiredinusa.comjerrymushy@comcast.netunsubscribeTired of deleting all useless info e-mails.Jayhttps://retiredinusa.comjayperrine@verizon.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me. I get way too many un-wanted emails.Kris Freywaldhttps://retiredinusa.comKrisfr1@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meHenry Cadlehttps://retiredinusa.comhenrygalen1@comcast.netStop Can you please remove me from all your list immediatelyCynthia Dotsonhttps://retiredinusa.comcgdotson2@yahoo.comCancellationPlease unsubscribe meAJhttps://retiredinusa.comaudreyrj@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Hello, please unsubscribe me from all mailing lists. I did not subscribe to these lists and have requested to unsubscribe on two previous occasions and still receive emails. Thank you for resolving this. Doyle Rodenbeck https://retiredinusa.comrodenbeck@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from your emails. Stophttps://retiredinusa.comsneddon2@yahoo.comSTOPStop, stop, stop, stop!!!!!!Stophttps://retiredinusa.comsneddon2@yahoo.comSTOPStop,stop,stop,stop!!!!!!!!Lisa Butlerhttps://retiredinusa.comlisajbutler@comcast.netUnsubscribe I can’t tell you how many times I have unsubscribe from your site and the dozen other ones affiliated with you. I never signed up for email from you and want them to stop!Stophttps://retiredinusa.comjloon0705@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from every email sent to me. Katherine Max https://retiredinusa.comdragonladyMax@comcast.netLeave me alone Too much spam Ken Leahyhttps://retiredinusa.comkmbnleahy@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe from allJohn C Carpenterhttps://retiredinusa.compennybrook@comcast.netsubjectno thank youLisahttps://retiredinusa.comcoupons1491@comcast.net4TH REQUEST TO REMOVE FROM EMAIL Please remove me from your email list... I have requested 4 times. thank youShirley Ritterhttps://retiredinusa.comshirleyritter@comcast.netunsubscribeUnsubscribeAngryhttps://retiredinusa.comnatalie951@comcast.netI have unsubscribed numerous times and you keep sending me emails-STOPI have unsubscribed from emails from every one of these sights numerous times and you won’t stop sending me emails-I don’t want to get your stupid emails from any of these emailers on this list-STOP SENDING ME THESE STUPID EMAILS.Sylvia Schmidthttps://retiredinusa.comherbandsyl@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeRemove me from ALL your lists.GREG https://retiredinusa.compgharding@yahoo.comVIRUS ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 :(:(*******YOU GAVE ME A VIRUS ! I WILL BE REPORTING THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bernard Chlystahttps://retiredinusa.comfcdobs@comcast.netImmigrantswe need immigration reform.Bernard Chlystahttps://retiredinusa.comfcdobs@comcast.netImmigrantswe need immigration reform nowStophttps://retiredinusa.comfatelvis1@comcast.netStop sendingUnsubscribe me immediately and stop sending this crap. Dean gottsmanhttps://retiredinusa.comgottsman.dean@yahoo.comRetirement All you media do is talk shit all of you every one of your full of shit retire for what how you going to retire with the way this country is look at our asshole president you got everything so screwed up what's wrong with everybody everybody lost their fucking common sense in this world including the media you're all full of shit there ain't no retirement for a guy like me can't afford to with the price of cost of living in this stupid country that I beginning to hateDean gottsmanhttps://retiredinusa.comgottsman.dean@yahoo.comRetirement All you media do is talk shit all of you every one of your full of shit retire for what how you going to retire with the way this country is look at our asshole president you got everything so screwed up what's wrong with everybody everybody lost their fucking common sense in this world including the media you're all full of shit there ain't no retirement for a guy like me can't afford to with the price of cost of living in this stupid country that I beginning to hateRichie Swartzhttps://retiredinusa.comritchnsyl@comcast.netunsubscribeWe have no need for any of those e-mails. They are irrelevant.Pissedhttps://retiredinusa.combouchardc@comcast.netPissed offI have inscribed 5 times and still get emails from Retired in USA Knock it off!!!!!! Stop sending pleaseWendy tronkahttps://retiredinusa.comwtronka@comcast.netAnnoying First of all, the fact that you are requiring me to complete this in order to unsubscribe is annoying and borderline illegal. Please unsubscribe me. wtronka@comcast.netPamhttps://retiredinusa.compampam67@comcast.netUnsubscribe Appreciate all the great articles and information, just can't devote enough time to read them.Patricia Bryanhttps://retiredinusa.compbryan92@comcast.netUnsubscribe nowDon’t want anymore mail from youElaine Dangerfieldhttps://retiredinusa.comBdangerfield3@comcast.netUnsubscribe Hugh Snipeshttps://retiredinusa.comvega4759@icloud.comUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed at least (((((5))))) times NOW. You people just suck. What do you only hire sand niggers there ???????????camille Soutiere https://retiredinusa.comcsoutiere@comcast.netunsubscribingHello, I have unsubscribed to your emails a couple dozen times but I keep receiving them. Please PERMANENTLY REMOVE me from your list. Thanks.Barbara Laskyhttps://retiredinusa.combjslasky@comcast.netUnsubscribe I never asked to receive your emails. Stop sending them. Rickhttps://retiredinusa.comspanodrums@comcast.netdo what you say your going to do unsubscribe me i have unsubscribed meunsubscribe me from all of them!!!!!John Seitzhttps://retiredinusa.comjseitz9955@comcast.netOpt out EVERYTHINGWhat do I have to do to stop your emails? I have opted out of everything numerous times over the last few months and yet they just keep on coming. Stop, I don’t want your publication or anything else that you are affiliated with. Joseph Wellingtonhttps://retiredinusa.comeewdad2@comcast.netWhy am I still getting emails?Hello, For months I have been opting out of the same emails over and over, yet I still get them. I have picked everything on the list, but after over 3 months and constant filling out the opt-out form, I still get them. Stop sending these or I will report this to the Attorney Generals Office. It says 5-10 days to process....which is a lie.Heather Ludwighttps://retiredinusa.comheatherthayer@comcast.netUnsubscribe me I never signed up. STOP SENDING ME NEWSLETTER!!!!!!STOP STOP STOPMarjorie Tracyhttps://retiredinusa.comgroundcover@comcast.netUnsubscribe meI am not interested in your message.Joan Thayerhttps://retiredinusa.comjoan_thayer@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me all your links. Thank you.Kim Hudlowhttps://retiredinusa.comkhudlow@comcast.netUnsubscribe from allPlease unsubscribe me from all emails and from all affiliates emails - khudlow@comcast.netroger hickshttps://retiredinusa.comroger.cindy@comcast.netunsubscibei can't really give any suggestions, as i never open these emails, i'm just sick and tired of deleting them EVERY DAY!Betty L Clarkhttps://retiredinusa.comblbwclark@comcast.netAdvertisementsI am a 77-year-old crippled woman and do not shop or need anything. Please stop these advertisements as to so many do not pertain to me. I have all I will ever need, and my son lives with me and cares for my needs. Thank you and God Bless.Ruthhttps://retiredinusa.comramurph47@comcast.netCancelPlease stop with your emails. Thank you Pamela Bricehttps://retiredinusa.comwdbrice420@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEUnsubscribe MeRichard Mainzerhttps://retiredinusa.comrmainzer@comcast.netunsubscribe me!!!!unsubscribe me!!!!Christinehttps://retiredinusa.comdesantisfamily@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE I keep trying to unsubscribe but it doesn’t happen! PLEASE unsubscribe me IMMEDIATELY Daniel Swalvehttps://retiredinusa.comdswalve@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from all of your listsUnsubscribe me from all of your listsKevi Grayhttps://retiredinusa.comxacarith@comcast.netUnsubscribing I have unsubscribed so many times from your mailing lists I am starting to wonder if it actually works or if you keep wasting your money buying my information somewhere. I have no current interest in your products and, at this point, even if that were to change I would avoid them due to your relentless marketing. Please make some kind of black list so you stop adding people who ask not to be a part of your email marketing.Reggie Ferland https://retiredinusa.comrferland3203@comcast.netEmail This is another attempt to get removed from ALL further communication from ANY and ALL emails from YOU and ALL entities represented. NO MORE EMAILS. It’s been well beyond your 5 to 10 days time frame. REMOVE MY EMAIL FROM YOUR LIST! Juliahttps://retiredinusa.comwriter@outspiration.netPlease take a quick look at this when you canHi, Due to COVID, ongoing supply chain problems, and labor shortages, many business owners have decided to close their doors. These business closures offer great opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs who are able to buy and then adapt them to an uncertain marketplace, whether that means offering a new service, introducing new product lines, or changing locations. Would you be interested in allowing me to write an article on this topic for your website? The piece will provide advice on how to buy a business and adapt it to a changing market. Please let me know what you think. All the best, Julia Mitchell | P.S. Answer with an "Opt-Out" on the off chance that you do not need to hear from us again.Holly Isnard https://retiredinusa.comhollyisnard@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEPleaseRachel https://retiredinusa.comraquel_rosas_1991@yahoo.comStill getting emails Hi I never subscribed to this to begin with, but I unsubscribed weeks ago and still getting emails. Please stop sending me your garbage Kathleen J Rodgershttps://retiredinusa.comkathieseymourrodgers@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI am unsubscribing because my virus protection lists your links as possible scamsMarcia Williams https://retiredinusa.comhochmarcia@yahoo.comUnsubscibePlease unsubcribe me mary jean walkerhttps://retiredinusa.comjwaprn@comcast.netRetire in FloridaNever............Won't give those climate change deniers a dime!!!!!Irina Shklyarhttps://retiredinusa.comirinashklyar@yahoo.comPlease unsubscribe. UNSUBSCRIBEJill Fitzgeraldhttps://retiredinusa.comjillfitzgerald@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe my email tim adamshttps://retiredinusa.comtadams@comcast.netunsubscribeTodayGerald Wollerthttps://retiredinusa.comgdw7@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meJennifer K Seislerhttps://retiredinusa.comjseisler@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeDShttps://retiredinusa.comdajasz@comcast.netUnsubscribe me!Unsubscribe me from all publications.Dale Leigh Bethelhttps://retiredinusa.combetheldla@comcast.netUnsuscribeNo thanksKathleen s Stanislawskihttps://retiredinusa.comkathystanrd@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe me - just not interested -does not apply to meRoberta Buchananhttps://retiredinusa.comrobertabuchanan@comcast.netUnsubscribeNo more emails!Alan Jameshttps://retiredinusa.comawjames@comcast.netUnsubscribePLEASE STOP sending me so much shit spam!! UNSUBSCRIBE me from everything!Taylor https://retiredinusa.comhwtaylor@comcast.netUnsubscribing To whomever is not paying attention, I keep unsubscribing and yet I get something daily from your publications. Make it stop!Jillhttps://retiredinusa.comjilldyer7@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I never signed up for any of these emails. I consider them Spam. Please do not sell, rent or give my email address to any other individuals or organizations. Thank you. Donna Dornfriedhttps://retiredinusa.comddornfried@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe meI am not interested in any of your emails. Please unsubscribe me from from you and all your connections Betsy Nye Nordmanhttps://retiredinusa.combetsynordman@comcast.netUnsubscribing I never signed up to receive your emails, therefore I need to unsubscribe to your sites. TYLisa https://retiredinusa.comthewemples@comcast.nettoo much crapthis is intrusive and bothersome. please unsubscribe me from all. And I shouldn't have to fill in this form on top of it. Yvette Kalwayhttps://retiredinusa.comkalway@comcast.netunsubscribe meplease unsubscribe me i do not want to receive your emailsCyndi https://retiredinusa.comcevans459@comcast.netToo many emailsThere are just too many emails plugging up my mailbox!Davidhttps://retiredinusa.comdfinkelstein@comcast.netLEAVE ME ALONEHOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO UNSUSBSCRIBE FROM YOUR FUCKING EMAILS ??????????????????????????????????? LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CEASE AND DESIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lorihttps://retiredinusa.comloriwelden@comcast.netRemove me please! I have asked multiple times. Please remove my email Stevenhttps://retiredinusa.comdoibooks@comcast.netunsubscribetoo many emailsJudyhttps://retiredinusa.comjtb61959@yahoo.comtoo much to readnot interestedRogerhttps://retiredinusa.comrogerd95@yahoo.comNever asks to subscribe Unsubscribe me R. Echelsonhttps://retiredinusa.comrsechelson@yahoo.comYour underhanded tacticsYour email is nothing but a put up job by right wing extremists to try to grab names on surveys opposing the current administration. I'm a senior - and am very upset by your attempt to draw in SS files using this kind of underhanded manipulation.ODUS https://retiredinusa.comtarzanbm65@yahoo.comNate and switch program I am sick and tired of your side, throwing out what looks like to be Information about a subject and then not actually giving you all the information that you profess to provide and just changing people to one ad after another ad. In my opinion, that is just clearly a Teaser headline to get you on the site and start pumping ads that you would after another. I am unsubscribed and telling everybody it’s just nothing but a spam site. And if you want to advertise some thing just advertise it, I don’t lead with information that you know people gonna be interested in and then never giving me information . That just makes all your possible clients extremely upset and mad. Peter A Tosihttps://retiredinusa.competerat54@yahoo.comCancelationI don't like the multipage carp and all the ads that I have to wade through. When I get one of these, I look at the information as bogus because all you want are clicks.Peter A Tosihttps://retiredinusa.competerat54@yahoo.comCancelationThis is the second time I've gone through this process in the last 3 minutes and I don't know IF I am unsubscribed. You are not helping yourselves with credibility when you make people go through this shit!!!thomas gordonhttps://retiredinusa.comtsg23p@comcast.netLeave me alonetake me off your listKevin Anthony Vicehttps://retiredinusa.comkevin_vice@comcast.netunsubsribe meunsubscribe me!Kathy Hallhttps://retiredinusa.comkathymhall@comcast.netTo much advertising There is so much advertising, that you could never find the article that’s titled. It’s just too annoying.Richard Ghttps://retiredinusa.comrandm59@comcast.netsubscriptionI have unsubscribed from this list at least 15 times only to have these emails start again several months later. Please PERMINATELY remove this email address from all of your services. Thomas H Georgehttps://retiredinusa.comgoldenhour1@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe mekghttps://retiredinusa.comy1htak@yahoo.comI do not like webpages that I have to click through multiple pages to read minimal contentI do not like webpages that I have to click through multiple pages to read minimal contentGina Floodhttps://retiredinusa.comgemgi@aol.comYou should be reported Your lead in emails do not take readers to the article you said it would when clicked. You are a scam of a company and should be reported. Linda Powers Levitonhttps://retiredinusa.combecalmer@aol.comYour site is annoyingYou have too many ads to read the articles. Im unsubscribing from everything you do. Thomas Millerhttps://retiredinusa.comthomasmiller23@comcast.netRemoval of email addressDeceasedJim Fontanahttps://retiredinusa.comjjfnd81@comcast.netUnsubscribe I never wanted these emailsjgwhttps://retiredinusa.comgwimberly44@comcast.nettoo much junk emailplease take my name your your mailing listCarrie Kinsleyhttps://retiredinusa.comc.kinsley1@comcast.netSTOP EMAILS!I have been “ unsubscribed “ multiple! Times and still reviving thes emails. I will NEVER use these products for the fact they are HARRASSING me with these emails. STOP!David Derrhttps://retiredinusa.comtractorman9600@comcast.netFuck you DON'T SEND ME ANY MORE EMAILS!!!!!John Willard Tilfordhttps://retiredinusa.comjohntilford@comcast.netEmail advertising - just don't.Any business named in email advertising sent to will NOT get my business. As they say in the movies, "That's not a threat, that's a promise."Craig https://retiredinusa.combucko_bates@comcast.netNoneUnsubscribe me!!!!!Deborah Simmshttps://retiredinusa.comDSimms203@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me.Richardhttps://retiredinusa.comostrow.rick@yahoo.comToo political under the guise of informationalSham!!! Just like the political biases expressed. Politics wrapped in poo!Steven https://retiredinusa.comgrnmtgrl@comcast.netemail advertisementsI have already unsubscribed and continue to get these unwanted emails. It has been at least 5 business days since I unsubscribed Frances Powershttps://retiredinusa.comfpowers614@comcast.netunsubscribe emailsSTOP SENDING ME E_MAILS!!!!!James B Poehttps://retiredinusa.comjim.poe@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all of your listsKathy Padgett STRAKAhttps://retiredinusa.comkathygpadgett@comcast.netunsubscribe mepleaseJoehttps://retiredinusa.comjaglns@comcast.netYour e mailsI have unsubscribed for the 3 rd time . When will you stop sending me your shit. And yes its more than 10 days so why do you keep sending them when I do not want your shit?????????????????????????????Lorrie Grandfieldhttps://retiredinusa.comjnlgrand@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME!UNSUBSCRIBE ME!Nancy Brydgeshttps://retiredinusa.comnbrydges@comcast.comUnsubscribe mePlease please quit sending me your emails. I have unsubscribed so many times and they still keep coming. Not interested.L Grahamhttps://retiredinusa.comlgraham426@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed more than a dozen times. Please take care is my request promptly. Your advertisement is unsolicited and unappreciated, as well as a waste of your time and resources. Sharon rigattihttps://retiredinusa.comsprigatti@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease take me off all the emailsRita Sheridanhttps://retiredinusa.comsupamom2005@comcast.netemailsunsubscribe meJennifer Whitehttps://retiredinusa.comcrashjgrl80@yahoo.comSTOP EMAILING ME I have unsuscribed numerous times and every couple weeks I have to do it again. PLEASE STOPTommiehttps://retiredinusa.comksno1lady@yahoo.comRight wing Nazi propagandaYou lure senior citizens in with a hook like “find out the worst places to retire” then blast them with “right wing fear mongering propaganda” assuming that if one is of a certain age we’ve lost the ability to think rationally and are easy prey for this CRAP!Nancy https://retiredinusa.comMajorTrblToo@apl.comYour Website Your website is one of the most frustrating, not user friendly and full of crap. I tried repeatedly to locate the list of the 8 worse places to retire. I couldn’t find it and the more I tried the more aggravated I got. I scrolled down the entire website and never found what I was looking for. The one thing I don’t need any more of is AGGRAVATION!!!! So I’m unsubscribing from your crappy website. Sorry….not!!!Leigh Ann Beierlinghttps://retiredinusa.comlbeierling@comcast.netUnsubsidized mePlease unsubscribe me from this web please. I don't want to receive any more of your mail. Thank youJonie Hawkeshttps://retiredinusa.comjoniehawkes@yahoo.comNot able to retireDon't want to read them Linda D Leehttps://retiredinusa.comlindeelee@comcast.netRetirementHave been retired 10 yrs now. Own home and own car. Unsubscribe me.Danahttps://retiredinusa.comd1973@yahoo.comMailing listI don't know where you got my e-mail from but I have at least 20 more years before I can retire. I don't know how I got on these lists and wish I knew how to get off of them. 20 years of harassing a person about retirement is just to much! Jerri F Hollandhttps://retiredinusa.comjerri.holland@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeDebra Mlinarhttps://retiredinusa.commlinarb@comcast.netunsubscribe meno longer want this emailRobert Berger https://retiredinusa.comRsbcsb@aol.comUnsubscribe mrUnsubscribe meDavid Barneshttps://retiredinusa.comrecorddhb@sol.comUnsubscribeRemove me from your site, I find it very right wing and offensive to people who have an education beyond sixth grade.Jeannie Grissom https://retiredinusa.compoohbutt4ever@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me Sandra Kym https://retiredinusa.comlavacap11@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me.Amy VanMeterhttps://retiredinusa.comasvanmeter@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEunsubscribe from all emails.... too manyRonald David Burke https://retiredinusa.comrbjbmud0012@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribe from allRonald Burkehttps://retiredinusa.comrbjbmud0012@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeCody weathershttps://retiredinusa.comcaweathers@comcast.metUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Fred Radewagenhttps://retiredinusa.comfredradewagen@comcast.netunsubscribe from all publicationsunsubscribeMr. Petersonhttps://retiredinusa.comericpeterson413@comcast.netStop the emailsI continue to unsubscribe to your emails. Stop them or I'll seek help from the authorities to stop them!Khttps://retiredinusa.comkatcassedy@aol.comUnsubscribe mePlease remove my email from all your emailsDenine Heinemannhttps://retiredinusa.comdeninevh@yahoo.comUnsubscribingNo big deal, I just don't like, when I click on your story's link, on the page that comes up I have to click next next next, when the whole list could be on one page. Clicking for ads isn't fun.Sally Lagattuta https://retiredinusa.comsallylag@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from all emailsMrs Jensenhttps://retiredinusa.comtiajen2000@yahoo.comRUDE INVASIVE ADVERTISING ASSHOLESYou were never invited to my inbox, rude people. I don't DO slide shows. Someone should slap your mothers for having raised such horrid little invasive, disrespectful creeps. Fuck Off and FUCK YOU.Lynda Schopphttps://retiredinusa.comlynda.schopp@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I do not wish to receive any emails from these sights. Please unsubscribe me from your list.bridget verberhttps://retiredinusa.combridgetbrian@comcast.netstop sending!!!stop sending!!!Peter Laird Sr.https://retiredinusa.compdlsr@comcast.netUnsolicited emailsYour emails are unsolicited and unwanted. Email overload. Kathryn Fosterhttps://retiredinusa.comkcf124@yahoo.comUnsubscribe unsubscribe me pleaseMichele Frankhttps://retiredinusa.comgab8198@yahoo.comunsubscribenot retiredThttps://retiredinusa.comtlhudson69@yahoo.comSTOPStopLisa Cikowskihttps://retiredinusa.comlmc106@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePlease, please, please unsubscribe me from all of your lists. I complete the unsubscribe and check every option multiple times each day and I am really getting annoyed. I DO NOT want any more emails from any of the companies you represent. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Lisa CikowskiMary L Stanleyhttps://retiredinusa.comml.stanley@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBE! I did not sign up for this and you are making it too hard to unsubscribe. Please unsubscribe me from every form of contact asap. You are filling my email with things I do not want. UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!!Eleanor M. Dolneyhttps://retiredinusa.comedolney@comcast.netAll of these sites under one roof in Romania.I NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO ANY OF THESE SITES AND NOW, FOR YEARS, HAVE JUST BEEN DELETING EVERYTHING. MY MAIL BOX IS OVERLOADED SO THIS UNSUBSCRIBE SHOULD ALLEVIATE THAT PROBLEM. NEXT WILL BE CHARITIES AND POLITICS AND THAT SHOULD HELP EVEN MORE. i LOOK FORWARD TO RECEIVING NOTHING IN MY MAILBOX. ELEANOR M. DOLNEYCharles R Gray IIIhttps://retiredinusa.comcrgray3@comcast.netUnsubscribe my emailPlease take me off your contact listErikhttps://retiredinusa.comecgfin1@yahoo.comCan’t find article Could find article due to ads Robert C Binderhttps://retiredinusa.comRBINDER4@VERIZON.NETunsubscribeI do not want to receive any e-mails or advertising from youJohn Pittshttps://retiredinusa.comgrader01@aol.comUnsubscribe me, please. Thank you, John G Pitts Please unsubscribe me from all of your listings. Thank you, John G Pitts John Pittshttps://retiredinusa.comgrader01@aol.comUnsubscribe me, please. Thank you, John G Pitts Please unsubscribe me from all of your listings. Thank you, John G Pitts JChttps://retiredinusa.comdewey00@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEPlease stop buying and selling consumers email addresses and spamming us with unwanted emails.Ernestine Pinghttps://retiredinusa.comerniep1712@aol.comemailsI don't want to get any emails. They clutter my inbox and I have to delete them. Please do not send any emails from anyone, organizations or companies.Daniel D'Allhttps://retiredinusa.combrats_bodices.0h@icloud.comRETIREDUNSUBSCRIBE MEMlachapellehttps://retiredinusa.commla_chapelle@yahoo.comInvasion of privacyStop emailing my address. I will contact an attorney friend and sue you folks Mike lachapellehttps://retiredinusa.comma_chapelle@yahoo.comEmsilsStop sending emails to this address. Bezos you ass holeM lachapellehttps://retiredinusa.commla_chapelle@yahoo.comUnwanted communication Stop sending emails to me you assholesDianne Johnson-Papehttps://retiredinusa.comDiannepape@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePlease remove me from all your mailing lists. I do now wish to receive any future emails.beatriz joa dadohttps://retiredinusa.comsteven.dado@63gmail.combeatriz dado openLeonid Scheinhttps://retiredinusa.comls032@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!cherrihttps://retiredinusa.commillhw@verizon.netunsubscribethis person is deceasedArrelda Hallhttps://retiredinusa.comlady_arrelda02@yahoo.comUnsubscribeGood info just not relevant to me yet and I don't recall signing up for the emails.Marcia Muellerhttps://retiredinusa.comMMueller@rhets.comArticle offer for you, can you please review?Hey there, WIth JPMorgan Chase’s new invoicing and payment platform (,through%20checks%2C%E2%80%9D%20Yen%20said.) for property owners, managing investment properties just got easier, but there are plenty of other tech tools that rental property owners should be sure they’re taking advantage of.  Can I write about some of them for your website? I’m hoping the advice I provide will help their rental businesses be more profitable and easier to manage. Thanks! Marcia Mueller of P.S. If you’d like to suggest a different topic, please do so. I’m happy to write on whatever topic is the best fit for your website. Don’t want to hear from me again? Please let me know.louise briggshttps://retiredinusa.comlouise.e.briggs@gmail.comunsubscribe from ALLunsubscribe from ALLBeverly Michaudhttps://retiredinusa.combevthegreat@aol.comCancel all messagesI do not want to receive any more messagesRose Vielothttps://retiredinusa.comrose5702@yahoo.comEverything Don't want to be bothered Glenda Harms https://retiredinusa.comharmsy24@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribeJeanne Vanhttps://retiredinusa.comdjvanpernis@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe me from all namehttps://retiredinusa.comlkurmel@yahoo.comyour persistent bother unsubscribe me!j. mitchhttps://retiredinusa.comjulianigel@aol.comjulianigel@aol.comno emails none!! Gerald Nowakowskihttps://retiredinusa.comgvnski@charter.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe Me!!!!! I've used your "Unsubscribe page" more times than I can count!!!!! It's been well over 10 days, Unsubscribe Me from ALL!!!joe lenzihttps://retiredinusa.comJOELENZI@CHARTER.NETUNSUBSCRIBEToo much advertisements. UNSUBSCRIBE ME Lynn R O'Flahertyhttps://retiredinusa.comlynnoflaherty@comcast.netasdfhdfgsdfgvxcvAli Henninghttps://retiredinusa.comali.henning@comcast.netYes, Unsubscribe MeUnsubscribe me from these ridiculous promotional emails. Eric Benjaminhttps://retiredinusa.comericlbenjamin@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me. Jennifer Kashatushttps://retiredinusa.comjkashatus@comcast.netOPT ME OUT OF ALL EMAILS FOREVERI have opted out of your emails multiple times. I am not opting back in. I do not want your emails or anything else from your marketing company. Your refusal to honor my opt-outs is a violation of CAN-SPAM. Please ensure that I am on your opt-out list FOREVER or I will file a complaint with the local regulator, the federal regulator, the Better Business Bureau, and in small claims court. The pain of you having to deal with all of those should be worthwhile for you to actually think about using a legitimate marketing company and to actually honor my requests. Ruben Rezahttps://retiredinusa.comrreza1@chqrter.netUnsubscribe Please take my email out davidhttps://retiredinusa.comdwilly2000@yahoo.comunsubscribeno longer interestedSusanhttps://retiredinusa.comsfb929@aol.comI am unsubscribingYour site is way too hard to navigate. Intriguing headlines, but impossible to get to content because of way too many and confusing ads.Galen Lloydhttps://retiredinusa.combigg23197@aol.comUnsubscribe Your website is hard to navigate. Everything I click on your headline subject all I get is opening paragraph. All I get when trying to see rest of article is advertisements. Happy to unsubscribe. Kelly Darehttps://retiredinusa.comkellydare@yahoo.comRetirementI'm not retiredMary https://retiredinusa.comMarysutphin@rocketmail.comUnsubscribe I’m not retiredSusan C Suttonhttps://retiredinusa.comSCURRY1998@YAHOO.COMUnsubscribe!!!Unsubscribe!!!Phyllis Wellshttps://retiredinusa.compitawells@yahoo.com8 states you shouldn't retire inThe reason I've unsubcribed is because you make a statement but then you don't follow up and give us all the states that we shouldn't retire in. Why do you do that? I don't want to have to click here and click to get the states.LINDA K MILLERhttps://retiredinusa.comilovelilbit6320@yahoo.comtoo much email please stop stuffing my mail box with emails.Scott Simshttps://retiredinusa.comscott.sims@comcast.net155,000 followers talking about retirement, let’s talkMy name is Scott Sims and I am a licensed Medicare broker. I started making tiktok videos at the start of pandemic. I’ve grown my tiktok to 155,000 followers, mostly grey haired folks that are retired or retiring soon. I’ve been wanting to collaborate with someone and really grow my channel. I would be willing to talk to you about working together. I’d like to grow your brand, make videos for you, in exchange of getting my brand some recognition. Content creation has changed my business, I’d like to see if it can help yours. Let’s see how we can help each other?! My tiktok page where I only talk about Medicare has 155,000 followers. Go check it out it’s I’d like to make retirement videos for you guys. I’m really good at it and they get views. Scott Sims 541-915-0939Joannhttps://retiredinusa.comjodywash@aol.comunsubscribeunsubscribeJanice M Heimerhttps://retiredinusa.comJheimer11156@yahoo.comUnsubscribe from all your associationsUnsubscribe from all your associationsDhttps://retiredinusa.comLNDB29@YAHOO.COMNever subscribedPlease stop selling my email address as well as spamming me. I never subscribed to your site and or your affiliates. I do not even know who you all are. Thank youKatie Schaller Butkovichhttps://retiredinusa.comkatie.schaller@ymail.comUnsubscribe me from everything I have requested to be unsubscribed from your emails numerous times. Please remove me. I never signed up in the first place. Don Martinhttps://retiredinusa.comdcmartin22@yahoo.comUnsubscribe requestPlease unsubscribe me from all of your distribution lists and newsletter(s). Thank youMarcy McPherson https://retiredinusa.comhealtheebiz@yahoo.comUnsubscibeUnsubscribe me from all publications that you have. ThanksRuth Freemanhttps://retiredinusa.commagtnta@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me!Teresa Renee Sandshttps://retiredinusa.comterrysakeeper101@verizon.netUnsubscribeTo many emails Stephanie https://retiredinusa.comsteck_s@yahoo.comUnsubscribedI unsubscribed from your emails but I’m sending you feedback because I never subscribed to get your emails in the first place. So my feedback is you are sending emails to people that never subscribed which means you are getting email addresses somewhere and just sending emails without any person’s consent. Juliehttps://retiredinusa.comjuliecaprera@aol.comUnsubscribe seems to result in MORE emails!I do not know how I originally got on this email list. Many of the emails are interesting but they expand like rice and the volume alone has led to my unsubscribing to everything....multiple time! I had a new email today about 9 Best Towns to Retire In. Of interest? Possibly, but I did not request it. I do not object to the content, only the unsolicited and massive volume. PLEASE unsubscribe me from everything!Bob Koukolhttps://retiredinusa.comrkoukol@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI never asked for any of this, don't want it so do NOT contact me again.Shar Andersenhttps://retiredinusa.comphotogal17@yahoo.comUnSubscribe Yes unsubscribe merperhttps://retiredinusa.comgsharper151@yahoo.comRetired in USAplease unsubscribe me from any and all emailsPatty Andersonhttps://retiredinusa.comPATANDERSON2552@YAHOO.COMunsubscribeunsubscribeJill A McGrathhttps://retiredinusa.comJill111457@aol.comEmailsCancel no longer need this information Rock bottomhttps://retiredinusa.comSrschmidt040@yahoo.comSpamHow the f, did u get my email.who sold it to u?Jimhttps://retiredinusa.comjimwelsh52@yahoo.comEmail Why do I have to unsubscribe I did not ask for any of this I get tired of all of your emails why xant you just stop bothering meKristen Rhodeshttps://retiredinusa.comjjcarlymom@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meYes unsubscribe me Michael Dempseyhttps://retiredinusa.comdrmichaeldempsey@yahoo.comStop sending emails Unsubscribe Deb Lynchhttps://retiredinusa.comD.Lynch733@comcast.netEmailsREMOVE my email. 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Heiduhttps://retiredinusa.comhms1006@yahoo.comSTOPI've unsubscribed do not send me anything else... that's how you improve!Robert Jhttps://retiredinusa.comrojanj@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBE !PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL YOUR SITES !!!Kevin Sullivanhttps://retiredinusa.comkpssr28348@yahoo.comYes unsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe me from allVincent celiihttps://retiredinusa.comvcelii@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Mary Walker https://retiredinusa.commwalker@themoneytizer.usAdvertising inquiryHello ! Do you accept display advertising on ? If yes, how can we get in touch with the person responsible for display advertising collaborations? Thank you . Kind regards, Mary Walker Monetization Specialist ☎ +33(0)1 40 96 96 19 Paris | New York | Rio de Janeiro | Madrid | Milan william knapphttps://retiredinusa.comfascot1@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribe my email from all emailsOvidian Diazhttps://retiredinusa.comovidiandiaz79802@yahoo.comI no longer want e-mails from your company.Please stop harassing me with your company's e-mails. I am tired of it. Thank you.Guy unsubscribe so I'm not getting email I don't want Well for starters I don't rember subscribing for your articles in the first place, but everyware one goes online you are constantly asked for your email and that is how you get emails that are unwanted. Then you click unsubscribe and either it doesn't happen or that one is removed since your email address has been sold you end with even more email. All I wonder with you people is which will happen. But what will happen is I will have to mark your stuff as spam. Have a nice day; like I am right with this nonsense. PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME gary grimmhttps://retiredinusa.comgtgrimm1961@yahoo.comUnsubscribe To many emaildPatricia Guel https://retiredinusa.comPGM311978@YAHOO.COMUNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!Thomas https://retiredinusa.combyrne_t_r@yahoo.comarticle I was attempting to read an article about social security. Much to my disappointment the article was broken into small worthless pieces and became too difficult to follow amid all the advertising. I no longer have interest in the information you provide as I cannot trust anyone more interested in ad money than article clarity.Aymeric BINEThttps://retiredinusa.comhello@outpush.ioMonetize with push adsHi there, My name is Aymeric BINET and I'm the sales manager of OutPush, an advertising platform helping publishers to generate extra income with push notifications. In short, we have developed a technology to integrate advertising into web push notifications. 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UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL OF YOUR AFFILIATES Ivanna Humpalothttps://retiredinusa.comalmostgotit@yahoo.comPermitYou fucking suck camel nutsnohttps://retiredinusa.commotherdaughtersracing@yahoo.comnonoDonna Arnoldhttps://retiredinusa.comdonnama@cox.netwant to unsubscribeunsubscribeLeslie Matzhttps://retiredinusa.comlmatz@comcast.netRemoval from ALL your messages Text and email I have Unsubscribed for months now. I do not want to receive anything from you effective immediately! This is harassment Nealhttps://retiredinusa.comnduffy54@yahoo.comCancelYour messages are so full of ads and BS that it is hard to sort out what your ‘headline’ is and it’s associated contentBrandon Kelchnerhttps://retiredinusa.comBkelchner106@comcast.netBkNo more emails Don McAuleyhttps://retiredinusa.comdon.mcauley@comcast.netunable to follow the articles Due to all the adds that pop up while trying to read the article and having to keep scrolling down to get to the next line then it disappears all together and I don't know where to go to find the rest of it I just give up. krishttps://retiredinusa.comkrisroberson@comcast.netUnsubscribe Your unsubscribe link does not function. I have attempted twice to unsubscribe from all your offerings using the link in more than one of your unsolicited emails. I did NOT opt in for emails or other contact from your organization or any affiliation of your organization. Remove me from all lists. You do not have my permission to sell, share, or in any way pass my contact to anyone 9r any entity. If I continue to send emails, I will pursue legal action. I have done so in the past and I will succeed in getting a large settlement from you. DO NOT send another email other than to acknowledge that I have been unsubscribed from everything. Joseph Clarkhttps://retiredinusa.comjclark80424@comcast.netUnsubscribe Have tried numerous times to unsubscribe from all these unwanted emails for months. They don’t interest me and I have never opened any. Yet they keep coming. 2-3 per day! Please unsubscribe me.Joseph Clarkhttps://retiredinusa.comjclark80424@comcast.netFailure to Unsubscribe Have tried for months to unsubscribe from these various emails because they don’t apply to me and I never opened one. Yet they keep coming 2-3 day. Please stop!Mitch Aronsonhttps://retiredinusa.commitch.aronson@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me to your spam email. 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I'm not your demographic and I never signed up for these emails.Georgehttps://retiredinusa.comgeo@gmail.comToo many advertisements Never did find the 6 changes of Social Security because of too many advertisements. Don’t email me again.Laura Chiarenzahttps://retiredinusa.commy20percentclub@aol.comUnsubscribe Yes Unsubscribe meJEFFREY COTTENhttps://retiredinusa.comjeffcotten@comcast.netQuit Sending Me EmailsPlease unsubscribe me from all lists. I did not sign up for them.Veronica Damianhttps://retiredinusa.comveronicapagett@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI receive way to many emails.Dane Bowermanhttps://retiredinusa.comdaneb75@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meMark Szabohttps://retiredinusa.commrk_szb@yahoo.comUnsubscribe!!! Leave me alone !!! Lorihttps://retiredinusa.comlorim70@comcast.netFeedback on Retired CommunitiesReason I am unsubscribing is your comment regarding Elon Musk in the Melbourne section of the Best Places to Retire article. Not sure what your intent was but there was no need to make a point of mentioning his name in a derogatory manor. Obviously liberal. Karen Markshttps://retiredinusa.comcrowley90404@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all emails. Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Laurahttps://retiredinusa.comleonard4224@yahoo.conEmailsI have opted out of your emails on multiple occasions and am still receiving emails. Kindly remove me from your list. Thanks Debra Frenchhttps://retiredinusa.comdebfrench450@aol.comConfusing siteYour site has too many advertisers. I start to read your article and it finishes a paragraph and then it is not clear where to go. Who cares about oldie Hawk and Kurt Russell.John McIsaac https://retiredinusa.comQtip14@charter.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all emails Steve Brant https://retiredinusa.comsdbrant@comcast.netUnsubscribeI get too much email. I don't want anymore.Noell Dhttps://retiredinusa.comloveswolves163@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Getting too many messages Lynda Widmanhttps://retiredinusa.comlaw_junk_mail@yahoo.comBad Link at the bottom of the article on: link on the second line below is the bad link. If you enjoyed reading this article about remote jobs, we also recommend reading: Yes, You Can Earn Extra Cash in Retirement With These 10 Gigs!Bart https://retiredinusa.combarto88@aol.comscamSome of your stuff is interesting but you must be careful of your ads. Today on the retire places e-mail. I tried to get something off the screen and clicked on it and it said call this number immediately or your computer will be ruined It is a scam they want you to pay them to get control of your computer. It's a pain so I am donebdhttps://retiredinusa.comlgload@yahoo.compagesI will not suscribe just so you can make me add to your page count. put it all on one page, I will not go to page after page after page... done with it Shirleyhttps://retiredinusa.comfshirley4244@yahoo.comtoo many emails, please stop!Too many emails from unsolicited websites. If I need something, I will do the contacting! https://retiredinusa.comHoneymooner247@yahoo.comEmail subscription Yes unsubscribe me Janehttps://retiredinusa.commbelfam4@comcast.netUnsubscribeNo longer interestedNanayshttps://retiredinusa.comdmv@ca.govJerkYou do not need my email to stop spam. Cindy J Romohttps://retiredinusa.comcjromo2@yahoo.comUnsubsidized meUnsubsidized mePatricia Kinghttps://retiredinusa.compatricialynnking@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI’m tired of so many emails. Please take my email off your list(s).Pat Cresseyhttps://retiredinusa.compatriciacressey@yahoo.comRetiredNo longer needMichelle Phttps://retiredinusa.comparks02@comcast.netExcessive emailsToo many emails!Elaina M Wallmannhttps://retiredinusa.comelainawallmann@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me.Elaina M Wallmannhttps://retiredinusa.comelainawallmann@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me.Amy Sloanhttps://retiredinusa.comamy.sloan@rocketmail.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from your mailing list Julian Motolahttps://retiredinusa.comjulianmotola@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Not interested Diane Sorensonhttps://retiredinusa.comdedep98@yahoo.comBidenI think Biden has done a fantastic job. I don’t appreciate your bait & switch. The Republicans have really destroyed our country and I am sick of their underhanded BS. William Baumhttps://retiredinusa.commndbaum@aol.comsubscriptionPlease unsubscribe me.Flanagan Christopherhttps://retiredinusa.comcjflanagan@yahoo.comSpamI have requested multiple times for you to stop sending me emails. Now I’ll ask here too STOP! Unsubscribe me from everything!!!!Angry ladyhttps://retiredinusa.comtriciamkenyon@comcast.netUnsubscribe from this bullshitPlease… Stop sending me emails. Clearly you purchased my email address! Unsubscribe me, please & thank You! I’m only garyhttps://retiredinusa.comgolfingwithgary@yahoo.comunsubscribe unsubscribe Terri Wolfehttps://retiredinusa.comterri.wolfe@comcast.netUnscribingAlthough I have repeatedly asked to be unsubscribed from all of your various emails, they continue to plague me. Please take the time to process my requests.Vihttps://retiredinusa.comvicegirl99@yahoo.comToo many ads in the MIDDLE of article I could NOT find the rest of the article due to all the ads. IT’s awful! Janet L Bowmanhttps://retiredinusa.combowman.janet@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all Thank youRoxanne Jimdarhttps://retiredinusa.comrxnnlrrn@yahoo.comUnsubscribe UnsubscribeDaddyhttps://retiredinusa.comyouanus.@yhaoo.comEmailsGo get a job and stop annoying people like the little bitch you areLinda L Geishttps://retiredinusa.comdddecker@comcast.nettoo many emailsdo not wish to receive these emailsJK Dahlhttps://retiredinusa.comdahlrussell@yahoo.conClick baitYour content is interesting. I have unsubscribed Because the click-bait format takes too long to load in my area. It makes it too difficult to read the article. Josh Calcanishttps://retiredinusa.comjosh@didna.ioAdvertisingHello! I’ve emailed you a couple times about exploring a potential partnership between retiredinusa and diDNA. We help publishers generate more ad revenue through technology, access to demand, and our yield team. Would love to chat (This is a real human, not a bot or spammer!). Thanks so much! Please reach out via email at for the fastest responses!Richard Norbyhttps://retiredinusa.comrnorby2@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed from retired in USA before, but I continue to receive your emails. Please stop sending, I’m being flooded with emails , if this continues I will be filing a complaint. Please unsubscribe me from all listed on your unsubscribe list.David Gavinhttps://retiredinusa.comdavegavin@comcast.netSPAMI never heard of you nor have I ever requested a subscription to ANY of your newsletters - so this was SPAM. All further emails from you will be deleted without reading and I will be posting the from and reply email addresses to anti-spam lists..Kenneth Cornellhttps://retiredinusa.comkm.cornell@COMCAST.NETCancelNo longer interestedLynda berryhttps://retiredinusa.comlynoverseas@yahoo.comDoNt live in USAPlease do not send ANY emails. I live in uk and have NO interest in USAHollyhttps://retiredinusa.comhirocque1@aol.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me.. not sure how you got my email.. Pathttps://retiredinusa.compckennedy@comcast.netEmailsI did not sign up for any of your emails and do not appreciate my inbox being filled with junk mail I am not interested in. Please unsubscribe me from ALL of your mailing lists. Thank you! Mrs. Hyneshttps://retiredinusa.comsumelhynes@comcast.netCancelCancel me!Margaret Druryhttps://retiredinusa.commargaret.drury@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI am an Australian citizen and resident , your web sites are of no interest to me. Thank you.Donnahttps://retiredinusa.comdlschult@comcast.netEmailI’ve NEVER registered or have been interested in the crap you are sending me. Kindly UNSUBSCRIBE me everything asap. This tactic is abusive. Ron Hartelhttps://retiredinusa.comron_hartel@yahoo.comUnsolicated emailsNot interestedRosemary Griffinhttps://retiredinusa.commirfy@comcast.netHealthDo not wantSandra Tarrhttps://retiredinusa.comsandytarrdesign@aol.comUnsubscribe Too many adds interspersed within completely user unfriendly article opening or moving forward. The title the hook to hidden content. Feels like a scam.Mary Plastererhttps://retiredinusa.commaryplasterer@comcast.netUnsubscribe all Unsubscribe me from all your mailing list Pathttps://retiredinusa.comPtybowser@aol.comUnsubscibe meUnsubscribe me please Ghttps://retiredinusa.comg@yahoo.comWebsitesYour websites are so jammed with crap a popups they are impossible to read. Annehttps://retiredinusa.comthetirrells@comcast.netRemove my emailI have filled out the field to remove my email but I continue to receive them. Please remove my email. Thank you. Annehttps://retiredinusa.comthetirrells@comcast.netRemove my emailI have filled out the field to remove my email but I continue to receive them. Please remove my email. Thank you. Unsubscribe https://retiredinusa.comreginadz@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Matthew W Hillegashttps://retiredinusa.commattandjudyhillegas@comcast.netUNSUSCRIBE ME !!!!!!!UNSUSCRIBE ME FOR THE LAST TIME. THE NEXT EMAIL GOES TO MY CONGRESSMAN AND SENATOR.......ENOUGH IS ENOUGHSari Gabriellihttps://retiredinusa.comsarigab@comcast.netStop all these riduclous emailsI don't want any of your emailsGordon R. Barryhttps://retiredinusa.comg11rb55@yahoo.comunsubscribeI don't need these emailsSandra Longhttps://retiredinusa.comlongsandra56@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribeSnodgrass Roberthttps://retiredinusa.combobsnodgras@gmail.comHealthPlease unsubscribe me from all associated listsJohn cardiffhttps://retiredinusa.comffidrac56@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeGenehttps://retiredinusa.comjustgenehead@comcast.netChicken shit formWhy make it so hard to unsubscribe?Derald Alan Nelsonhttps://retiredinusa.comderrya1@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from all future mailings. derrya1@comcast.netPatricia Kellyhttps://retiredinusa.comtrishkelly123@cox.netThis site should be banned from the internet. This site is full of lies and conspiracy theories about Biden and his administration. Just more lies from asshole Republicans. The Republican party is an absolute joke as well as your hero Donald Trump! Heidihttps://retiredinusa.comjason-heidi@comcast.netUnwanted emailsPlease do not send me anymore emails from any of the websites I unsubscribed from! I’ve already unsubscribed numerous times and keep getting unsolicited emails that I never signed up for! I’m not sure through what or how you received my email, but NO MORE, PLEASE!Heidihttps://retiredinusa.comjason-heidi@comcast.netUnwanted emailsPlease do not send me anymore emails from any of the websites I unsubscribed from! I’ve already unsubscribed numerous times and keep getting unsolicited emails that I never signed up for! I’m not sure through what or how you received my email, but NO MORE, PLEASE!Stacy Clarkhttps://retiredinusa.comsaleen50@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe not interested Connie Kuzydymhttps://retiredinusa.comcdkuz@comcast.netResponse to unscribeI'm totally not a fan of having to click to read the 6 reasons that social security is changing. It's a waste of time.Glen Swansonhttps://retiredinusa.comglenswanson@comcast.netUnsolicited emailsI receive too many emailsJudy Wolkinhttps://retiredinusa.comjwolkin@comcast.netUnsubscribe I am not interested in these emails Roger Nikschhttps://retiredinusa.comrwniksch@comcast.netChoice Home WarrantyI am interested in the Choice Home Warranty. But my question is how legit is it or could it be a scam? Please give me some information on the service and how reliable is it. Thank you.mehttps://retiredinusa.comkingstitching@comcast.netemail spamStop this nonsense: Retired in USA <> Retired in USA <> Retired in USA <> Retired in USA <> Retired in USA <> Retired in USA <> Retired in USA <> I will send you all email addresses that are referring to your company. This is the way you do business, not interestedM. A. Fritchiehttps://retiredinusa.commafritchie@comcast.netDid not request information from your company.I never requested information and I do not like receiving emails from companies that send me emails without my request.Krista Campbellhttps://retiredinusa.comkcampbell421@comcast.netUnsubscribeToo many adds and it makes it too hard and annoying to read the articlejudi westhttps://retiredinusa.comwestjudi@comcast.netemailsDon’t like receiving unsolicited informationNancy Binerhttps://retiredinusa.comnancy.biner@comcast.netAnnoying Everyone on earth hates your dreck and drivel. NO ONE LIKES YOU. Fuck off.Croallhttps://retiredinusa.comcroall@comcast.netUnsubscribeNo interest. Please delete from the list. Croallhttps://retiredinusa.comcroall@comcast.netUnsubscribeNo interest. Please delete from the list. 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Thanks, SteveArtnel Johnsonhttps://retiredinusa.comjohnsonartnel@yahoo.comRequest early information Hello good afternoon I need to know the price of those houses cost and the type of house I need some thing under low what I can afford,Paula Gallanthttps://retiredinusa.compjgal1@comcast.netUnsubscribe meI know longer to receive your messagesT suehttps://retiredinusa.comharperstrand@comcast.netHiHiLhttps://retiredinusa.commaragu@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Kevinhttps://retiredinusa.comkltusa@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE Please unsubscribe me.Grace https://retiredinusa.combgschaafsma@comcast.netI do NOT WANT ANY ADVERTISING OR MESSAGES FROM YOU Unsubsidized me from All advertising and messagesSandra J Bankshttps://retiredinusa.comsjbanks@comcast.netUnsubscribeI never subscribed in the first place.Kzakonyihttps://retiredinusa.comkszakonyi@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from EVERYTHING. I don’t know who gave out my email but I am getting a ton of junk from all these lists and have been trying to unsubscribe from every thing. I did not sign up for this stuff and have no interest in any of it.Laura AXRIA4https://retiredinusa.comgypsyangell@comcast.netSPAMWho gave you permission to SPAM me? I already filled out a complaint. Please, never contact me again. You will get charged per infraction.Nunya https://retiredinusa.comnunya@gmail.comYou're in a cult. You need help. You're delusional ramblings are only believed by the brainwashed cult members that drank the ivermectin. L Rhttps://retiredinusa.comroyerroyer@comcast.netEmailsUnsubscribe me, do not want any emails!Ron proctorhttps://retiredinusa.comwindyproctor4797@comcast.netUnsubscribe me!!!I am 52 - not ready to retire. Stop mailing meGaurav Lelehttps://retiredinusa.comgaurav.l@media.netIntroduction to ValueXHi Team, I hope you're doing well! I represent ValueX, a comprehensive ad monetization solution for publishers of premium financial content, powered by ValueX leverages our extensive experience in monetizing finance content and offer end-to-end solutions for ad mediation, management, and optimization. This enables niche finance websites such as to enable programmatic ads at scale with zero ad-ops effort. We’d love to hop on a call to run you through the advantages of ValueX as an effort dedicated to finance publishers and discuss the revenue opportunities that it would bring. Are you available to connect sometime this week or next? Thank you Deborah Keelinhttps://retiredinusa.comdlk5231dkeelun@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Not interested in content Pamhttps://retiredinusa.compamelaa2.@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me. 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We have a plethora of products, such as Barks No More,, and Splash Foam Cleaner, We are interested in promoting our products to your email list. Can you reply with details on your email rates, list size, and what options you have available to promote our products to your email list? If you have any questions, just let me know… and if you are not the correct person to chat with about this, can you please let us know who that person is and perhaps even put us in contact with them? Lastly, we are more than happy to jump on a call to discuss this further. Thank You In Advance, HazelMary Denarohttps://retiredinusa.commaryd837@yahoo.comEmailPlease stop sending me emails on any subject. You have apparently gotten my email from a third party because I did not sign up for any of these. 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If you have any questions, just let me know… and if you are not the correct person to chat with about this, can you please let us know who that person is and perhaps even put us in contact with them? Lastly, we are more than happy to jump on a call to discuss this further. Thank You In Advance, Hazel Frances Pricehttps://retiredinusa.comtfjbprice@aol.comEmail No longer interested Adam Taylor https://retiredinusa.comAdamTaylor@gold-retirement-solutions.comGuest Post/Sponsored PostHello, I am interested in doing a sponsored post on your website. I'm trying to get traffic from the 55+ community on my website. I write blog and news articles specifically about retirement and financial matters for retirees. Here is a link to my website: Hope to hear back! 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The 2024 COLA is 3.2%.Joan Ayarshttps://retiredinusa.comjoanayars1@yahoo.comUnsubscribe from allUnsubscribe me from allTheresa Ringhttps://retiredinusa.comthes562@yahoo.comRegarding the new increase of benefits, I’m currently receiving my late husband’s retirement benefit from the military ( SSI ). However, it’s not sufficient enough for me to survive with rent, utility bills, insurance, car payment and food. With that being said, I’m also considering getting into a senior housing program but, my credit score is not good enough for me to be denied, it’s frustrating at times but, I choose not to become homeless. Please help me out with my concerns, thank you in advance. Regarding the new increase in Social Security benefits Annette Lutzhttps://retiredinusa.comannettelutz354@yahoo.com6 changes coming this year for Social SecurityWhy in the world would you be sending this to people now when these changes were from 2022?Lisa Elrom https://retiredinusa.comelrom_phd@yahoo.comSubscription Never signed up for these emailsdolores K Danielshttps://retiredinusa.comdoloresd3@yahoo.comunscribeI dislike trying to read an article that says continue after each paragraph.Denise Slinkardhttps://retiredinusa.comdenise.slinkard@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Yes! Unsubscribe me