Retirees Love These 8 States The Most! Do You?

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Which are your favorite states to retire to? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What are the most popular states to relocate to in the United States? If you happen to live in Oregon or Idaho, then you are on the right path because these states are actually among retirees’ favorite places.

And many of them are actually planning on moving here. When you are planning on retiring, you should take several things into consideration. Some things are focused on lifestyle and depend on where your family lives or maybe where you have friends.

But you also might want to read more about a certain state you have in mind or want to pick one of them. Taxes for seniors or maybe healthcare are two other things you might be interested in.

Keep on reading to find out what the favorite places are for retirees.

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5 thoughts on “Retirees Love These 8 States The Most! Do You?”

  1. We chose Western Central Florida when we moved from Michigan. In our 22 years here we are happy to live here. Despite hurricanes and floods we still made a good choice. We avoided waterfront properties and we have not sustained any damages yet. We have a second house on the water and owned it for 13 years and never had damages. We love the pool in our house and we have many friends. We are happy in Florida. We are sad for other residents who lost their homes in many places in Florida. For those who lost their lives, may there be peace in your families.

  2. Claude l.Miller

    Florida i lived there for 17 yrs and haven’t gone back it is pleasant weather but muggy and hot but the constant threat each year keeps ya off balance. Of the 17 yrs i lived there only one came thru central fla Orlando where i lived only had minimal damage but the threat was always real and now with warming much more of a way would i go back to live. I am considering Ms. But more familiar with Carolina. Both north and south. However, they too are subject to bad storms Tn. is more inland with some great cities in easy range the cluster of Atlanta Knoxville Nashville Birmingham all within very short drive from Chattanooga is pretty sweet. And Chicago is a one-day drive can’t do better than chg. for variety. Its a great town.if ya cant find what ya want there it doesn’t exist!!!

    1. Claude l.Miller bad move t lived in Orlando 17yrs and haven’t been back. When i retire i considered it but now with warming etc no way Jose. The Carolinas are nice however also subject to taking all your stuff or life. I like Tn.Chattanooga area on the border with hr drive toAtla,Knoxville,Nashville or Birmingham.Or if ya need a really big entertaining city Chicago is about a 5 hr drive

  3. I have lived in Florida for more than 30 years. I am now 70+ years old. I used to own but decided to rent. Be very careful and work out the math as rent in Florida is now one of the highest, especially here in Miami Beach. I thought about owning again but prices are also on a runaway. I have just returned from a 4 weeks trip to consider if I should stay here or return to the UK. Rent in seaside Brighton is lower than Miami Beach for sure.

  4. Most of the states selected have real drawbacks, Florida has hurricanes, humidity, bugs, snakes, alligators. Mississippi has the same. Delaware, New Hampshire have terrible winters and high humidity in the summer. The Pacific Northwest probably has the most comfortable weather conditions, yet none of them are mentioned.

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