Stop Believing These Weird 10 Retirement Myths – Here’s Why

Are you aware of all the retirement myths? 

Let’s be honest: we all tend to believe a lot of myths. There are no written rules about retirement. Of course, everybody wants a peaceful retirement because after working for more than 30 years, you need a break.

And you eagerly anticipate the day when it will be over. You will have more time for yourself, you will travel more, and you will probably learn to do something new.

Don’t be shocked if I tell you that a lot of this stuff might never happen. Stop believing that retirement will be the best period of your life because, like any other thing, it has ups and downs.

Keep on reading to find out what the most common myths are when it comes to your “golden years”.

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1. Social Security will take care of your expenses

A lot of retirees are hoping that Social Security will take care of them. Stop believing this. Once you stop working, it will be even more difficult. While Social Security benefits will help, they are not meant to be your primary source of income.

You need to save money for your retirement because you won’t have the fixed income you had before, and Social Security will come as a supplement to what you already have as an investment fund.

Don’t forget to watch your back because no one else will do it for you!

2. You’ll have a lot of free time for yourself 

Another myth that you should really stop believing because it’s not entirely true. Why? because there is always something that can appear that will “disturb” your inner peace.

Maybe you have to take care of your grandkids, or maybe you live alone, and you will have to do everything on your own.

If you like to get to know your community better, you can involve yourself in volunteer activities, and this will fill your agenda in the blink of an eye.

Don’t forget to spend your time wisely in order to also save some time for yourself because it’s mandatory to look out for your health too!

3. Retire at the age of 65

If this might sound weird, you need to know that this is also one of those retirement myths. Because it’s probably well-known that a lot of people actually dream about the day when they will be 65 and quit their job for good.

Aaah… the good ole’ retirement days! Because of this inflation issue, a lot of seniors actually want to work for even longer periods of time.

In an ideal world, you might be able to afford to quit at 65, but in 2022, it may not be a good idea. You will start to notice that your health isn’t that strong anymore and, oh man, how expensive has everything gotten?!?

Start thinking about saving more and if you are healthy and able to work for a couple more years, please do!

4. Your taxes will be lower 

When it comes to myths, this might be the most popular. People are easily tricked into the idea of paying less when they retire. And it’s not true! Because your income will be drastically reduced, and because of that, you think you will pay less in taxes.

Unfortunately, the government is not on our side on this matter. And because of inflation, taxes will be rising instead of falling.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make a retirement plan and get out of this “myth” area.

Make sure you have enough money to not feel overwhelmed by the tax season. Because it’s knocking at your door every year around the same time.

How many other myths do you know? Tell us in the comment section down below.

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5. Selling your house and moving to another state 

Moving to another place might be tempting, especially if your family is not in the same city as you. But on the other hand, is this a wise decision? Like other myths we’ve mentioned before, moving to another state where the living costs are lower compared to your hometown is pretty common among seniors.

Of course, for some people, this might be convenient and ideal, especially if this decision wasn’t rushed. Make sure you take your time to think about making this big step before it’s too late!

Do a little research regarding the place you want to move to and find out all the ups and downs of that specific state.

Make your retirement awesome!

6. My spouse will take care of my retirement

You might be tempted to rely on your spouse’s retirement, but let me tell you a secret: it’s a very bad idea. Another myth that is spreading around lately is that a spouse is somehow obligated to take care of two people when they retire. What if you get divorced? This can happen.

It might be nothing compared to other things, but if you are planning on relying on someone else’s money, then it’s time to re-think the whole situation.

You need to talk about the joint survivor option in case something bad happens to your spouse.

If you both have retirement savings in a 401(k) or IRA, you need to be sure you will be the first beneficiary. Otherwise, you will be left without anything.

7. Retirement means not working

This is one of my favorite myths. I have to admit! Because in an ideal world, once you retire, you don’t need to work again, right? But unfortunately, there are a lot of seniors that soon after their retirement will start a part-time job or something that they can do from the comfort of their own home.

There are many reasons why retirees get a job, including a lack of funds and a desire to keep their minds stimulated.

What if you want to start a new career? It’s never too late. Let other people believe all the myths mentioned before. You do you!

Make an effort to break free from this myth. There is no ideal age to retire nor a one-time event when you should stop working for good.

8. You’ll retire when you want to

Nah! You will be surprised that half of the United States’ workers retire before they expect to, especially because of health issues.

Others are being forced to quit by their companies because they were planning on downsizing and hiring new “young” people. You never know what the future might bring, so be ready to face the things that might not be in your retirement plan.

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9. Retirement planning can wait

This is by far one of the scariest myths out there! Because there is no time to waste and a proper retirement plan needs to be accomplished as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you want to have a good retirement with no financial burdens and such, you need to save money.

If you wait too long, it might leave you with not enough funds for your plans, and that will be a big issue.

Do all these myths scare you? Are you ready for your golden years?

10.  Retirement planning is all about money

Of course, money is important, but of all the myths mentioned above, this is the most hilarious. Why? Because not everything is about money. You need it to have a decent life, but it’s not the most important thing. You will also need peace of mind and time for yourself.

You will want to spend more time with your family or with your grandkids. Because memories are related to people, not objects.

And you will be disappointed if you wanted to do something, but you couldn’t do it for various reasons.

Don’t forget to enjoy these years! Make some new friends, start a new hobby when time allows you to, read more books, but also be wise when you spend money.

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