8 Surprising Places With Great Senior Discounts

Surprising Places With Great Senior Discounts
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Retirement planning can be intimidating, but with senior discounts, you can look forward to saving money at least during your golden years. Senior citizen discounts are available at restaurants, retail establishments, motels, and hair salons both online and in person. However, the finest deals occasionally go beyond the normal AARP savings. Look for these savings as you start getting back out into the world now that COVID is clearing up, millions of seniors are getting vaccinated, and limitations are being lifted.

Always keep your identification accessible while shopping for discounts, as some places will ask to see it to ensure that you have attained the necessary senior discount age before applying any discounts. The amount you can save may vary depending on your age and whether you take advantage of discounts for specific days or months. Here’s a list of fantastic senior discounts.

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1. Restaurant senior discounts

Restaurant promotions for seniors may only be available on certain days of the week or in specific places. Many restaurants feature senior menus, but even if they don’t, you may usually get a 5 or 10% discount when you dine in. Look for the following restaurant senior discounts:

  • Seniors receive a 10% discount on purchases and a free drink at participating Arby’s restaurants
  • Denny’s 55+ menu, which provides seniors cheaper prices
  • Discounts on beverages and coffee at McDonald’s locations that participate
  • IHOP’s 55+ menu, which includes special offers for seniors
  • AARP cards receive a 10% discount at Outback Steakhouse
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2. Grocery store senior discounts

Supermarket senior discounts vary by location and may only be valid on specific dates. To learn about specific senior discounts in your area, contact your local branch. Keep an eye out for the following senior discounts at grocery stores:

  • BI-LO: Offers a 5% discount at participating locations on a specific day
  • Fred Meyer: On the first Tuesday of every month, those 55 and older receive a 10% discount on select items
  • New Seasons: On Wednesdays, seniors get 10% off select items at New Seasons
  • Hy-Vee: On Wednesdays, seniors receive a 5% discount at participating locations
  • Fry’s Food: All seniors with a VIP card receive a 10% discount on the first Wednesday of each month.
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3. Senior discounts at hotels

Senior discounts are available at some hotel chains, but you may have to look for them. To get this rate, you may need to book directly through the hotel’s website, but you may also need to book through something like an AARP page for a specific hotel. Here are a few notable senior hotel discounts:

  • Best Western: When booking reservations, seniors can save up to 15%.
  • Cambria Suites: Those 60 and older, as well as AARP members, can get up to 10% off with advance reservations.
  • Choice Hotel: Offers a 10% discount on advance reservations to AARP cardholders and those aged 60 and up.
  • Marriott: Those aged 62 and up receive a 15% discount or more on stays at participating locations.
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4. Senior travel discounts

Museums, parks, and historical sites frequently offer discounts to senior citizens. Make sure to bring identification with you when you visit. You may not always be required to show proof, but you should be prepared to do so. Here are some senior travel discounts to consider:

  • America the Beautiful Senior Pass: $20 for an annual senior pass or $80 for a lifetime pass to national parks and federal recreational lands.
  • Amtrak: 10% off most rail fares for seniors.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago offers a $6 discount to seniors 65 and older.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City offers seniors a $8 discount on ticket prices.
  • Seniors receive a $5 admission discount to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
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5. Senior discounts on cellphones

If you’re looking for a cellphone plan, look for one that includes senior discounts. Before you sign up, read the fine print to ensure that the plan’s details suit your lifestyle and needs. Consider the following senior discounts on cellphones:

  • AT&T offers a Senior Nation plan to those aged 65 and up.
  • Consumer Cellular: AARP members receive a 5% discount on usage and monthly fees, as well as a 30% discount on select accessories.
  • Sprint: For seniors, the Unlimited 55+ plan offers special discounts.
  • T-Mobile: Seniors can choose from a variety of 55+ plans.
  • Verizon has special offers for people aged 55 and up.
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6. Senior health discounts

Examine your current healthcare spending and look for ways to cut costs in each category. You can frequently get a discount on items that are required to manage your health conditions. Look for the following senior discounts on prescription drugs and health care:

  • AARP Prescription Discounts: Members and non-members can save money on uninsured FDA-approved prescriptions
  • LensCrafters: AARP members receive vision-related discounts.
  • RiteAid: Wellness program for seniors over 65, including free consultation with pharmacists and 20% discount Offers.
  • RxFreeCard: Provides prescription discounts to seniors.
  • Walgreens: Offers a 20% discount to seniors on certain days.
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7. A reverse mortgage can save you for retirement

A staggering number of seniors do not have enough money to retire. That is why millions of Americans are adopting reverse mortgages to supplement their retirement income.

A reverse mortgage may be an ideal approach to obtain tax-free funds while enabling you to eliminate your present mortgage payment and, in most cases, only needing to spend real estate taxes, maintenance, and homeowner’s insurance.

It is critical that you enter your golden year with assurance, control, and confidence. With this additional supplemental income, you can pay off past-due accounts, remodel or repair your home, create a financial safety net, pay off medical expenses, or take that long-awaited vacation.

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8. Save up to 70% on life insurance

Do you have a family who is reliant on you? Are you truly doing everything you can to ensure their financial security if the worst happens? While many Americans consider life insurance to be a necessity, not all Americans have coverage, and even fewer have secured the best possible bargain under their own plan.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or the primary provider for your household, you need to safeguard the people who matter the most with a policy that meets you and your loved ones’ needs. Getting life insurance should be one of the most important decisions you make for your family’s future – why not receive this sense of security as soon as possible and with the highest coverage?

The greatest way to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible is to shop online and evaluate all of your options. It only takes 2 minutes to understand how to protect your family at the lowest possible cost.

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