Top 10 Great Benefits Seniors Get in Florida

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…Aaah, Florida! The Sunshine state. This state actually provides some great benefits for seniors. Florida is actually very popular among retirees since it’s a place with warm weather, various museums, natural beauty, and nice parks. This place is the home of almost six million people who are 60 years of age or older.

Last year, it was ranked as the first state considering its 65+ residents.  How awesome is that? We all want a place with tons of possibilities but also benefits for our retirement. And if the place comes packed with benefits, sunshine, and a lot of activities, it’s even better.

Where are you from? Would you like to move to Florida? Tell us in the comments. We’re eager to meet you!

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Great Benefits Seniors Get in Florida”

  1. We are in our late 60s and concerned about the healthcare in Florida. We have not heard good things about it, and I’m disabled. We plan to come back to Philadelphia every 2 mo for care. Sad to have that reputation with an older population. Makes no sense. Can you not attract good Drs? The only hospital I heard that is ok is Moffit for cancer.

  2. My daughter in law keeps telling me to move to Florida and she will help take care of me. I am just about 69 years old and I live in Delaware and I can not stand the cold weather. Every year I have trouble dealing with the cold more and more. I am interested in moving to the west coast part of Florida somewhere close to Tampa.

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