7 States That Don’t Tax Your Pension, 401(k), Social Security, and More

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For retirees, every single cent counts, and that’s why we can all agree that when it comes to state taxes, no one looks forward to that. Even if you shouldn’t decide on your retirement location solely depending on taxes, they are highly important to take into consideration, especially if you plan on living in a state for the first time in your life.

States get tax revenue from multiple sources. For example, some states, like Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming, have plenty of natural resources to rely on mineral rights sales and keep the other taxes on the low, even skipping income taxes altogether.

This is to a certain extent exactly what retirees want, right? For instance, Alaska doesn’t impose any taxes on income, estates, or retirement benefits. Residents are paid by the state for their share of oil riches. Last year, they got $3,284/citizen.

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