Some Retirees Won’t Get Great Social Security Benefits- Here’s 7 Reasons Why

Claiming Social Security early
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Are you aware of how Social Security works? 

We all know how important social security is. And for most of us, that is basically the golden ticket before retirement. With this inflation going on, we must be prepared for anything, even if it’s hard.

Especially when you expect it to be easy when you won’t have a 9 to 5 daily job anymore. It will be hard from many points of view, and because of that, it will require a bit of effort from your side.

Did you know that there are some retirees that can not benefit from Social Security? Keep on reading to find out more about this subject and ensure that you do not lose your Social Security benefits.

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10 thoughts on “Some Retirees Won’t Get Great Social Security Benefits- Here’s 7 Reasons Why”

  1. You neglect to mention those affected by the GPO and WEP issues that reduce or, in some cases, remove the Social Security benefits that should be paid.

    1. I was hoping this year the House and Senate would vote to eliminate both the GPO and WEP. Unfortunately, those unfair reductions are still applicable. My credits earned were from 21 years of service in the Military. No one that was employed by the Federal, State, County, or City Governments and “earned” their 40 credits should be denied what they are entitled, to.

  2. Don’t forget the people who earned their 40 credits, but also worked under a state retirement plan. I get my state retirement, but no social security. Not even using my husband’s social security amount.

    1. Tamia but just remember you are still getting a plan. you do not get social security yet you do get teacher retirement, I do not. Be happy

    2. My son, who works in CO asa teacher, gets no Social Security as the entire state has opted out for all government employees.Does he have any recourse?

  3. Agree with Tamia. I get a federaal retirement. My husband retired from the Navy after 43 years after which he worked in the private sector for over 20 yrs. I can not get anything from Social Security based on his history.

  4. Losing social security is a risk for all Americans. we reached budget limit. Yellen announced accounting trick to delay default until June. Yesterday she announced not reinvesting in govt retirement bonds. no plan on repayment, so this eliminates another year of social security. Medicare payments being delayed. Tell yellen and congress don’t use my social security to pay your bills. Cut military expenses. Stop developing new weapons that US can use to start more wars.

  5. richard lugenbeel

    my sister started working for NSA right after she got out of high school in 1964 until she retired in the late1990’s can she apply for social security she is 76 years old

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