Social Security Check: 8 Ways to Live a Comfortable Life Off It Alone

claiming social security check
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Have you ever wondered if you can live comfortably off just a social security check alone?

A lot of Americans end up relying on Social Security checks after they retire, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. The more important question is, can you live off it alone if you have little to no savings? The simple answer is yes, you definitely can! Whether you live with a significant other or by yourself, there are ways in which the security check will offer you a comfortable life.

However, you have to keep in mind that this does come at a cost: sometimes, you may have to make some compromises; other times, you may even have to consider moving away from your state. However, some other ways are not as drastic as it sounds.

Here we have gathered some of the easiest and best ways in which you can make that social security check work in your favor without adding extra stress and worry to your golden years!

Let us know if any of our tips inspire you or if you have already done one or two of them prior to reading our list!

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5 thoughts on “Social Security Check: 8 Ways to Live a Comfortable Life Off It Alone”

  1. Carolyn Robinson

    If you’re use to working and get are social security checks once month it’s hard it not nearly enough to live off but some i make it work I’ve been living on disability for little over 20 years some I make it work you have to remember you buy everything you need for the month i mean everything from food to toilet paper one supply it’s like put a puzzle together with God’s help I survive and retirement and ssdi all that the same thing I wish with this next raise we getting next year be enough where I won’t have to scratch my hair out because I don’t have enough money to survive Lord God help us to live comfortable in our golden years I pray it works out

  2. I paid in close to the limit of social security for much of my life. Yes I took social security at 62 but my checks are less than $900 a month as it would not make my house payment. Thank goodness my retirement income is far in excess of that. I can’t imagine living on that alone.

  3. Here in NYC that is impossible YOU’RE DREAMING!!! Rent alone is $2500-,and I just put 175 gallons of fuel oil in my oil burner tank @$925- Dream again!!!

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