10 Things That Belong in a Safe Deposit Box

social security safe deposit box
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As digital records and cloud storage are becoming more and more popular when it comes to storing important data, you might get tricked into believing that safe deposit boxes are an item of the past now. But that’s not quite true.

Even if many banks nowadays are eliminating them, there are still some cases in which you could really use having a deposit box, especially one that has a raised seal. In fact, in certain situations, it is highly recommended to have rather a deposit box than digital scans.

Plus, some valuables can’t be digitalized. While installing one in your own home, might be an idea, that’s still not the safest measure possible, as homes can be susceptible to fire and water damage. This being said, let’s see what you can actually put in a safe deposit box in your bank, so you can live without any worry:

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