6 Major Cities Where Seniors Regret Purchasing a Home

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Which big cities are retirees running away from?

Unfortunately, when buying a new house, retirees are the most vulnerable because many live on a fixed income and they can’t afford to play with their finances.

But many may want to move to be closer to family, or they might want to opt for a smaller size home that will require less upkeep. Some will even sell their house to access the equity built up over many years to stretch their retirement income further.

Sometimes there are also external factors that will drive retirees to sell their current home, as is the case with the cities in this article that are expected to be the biggest markets for retirees selling their homes this year, according to reports.

So which 6 cities should you stay away from if you’re looking to relocate? Click “Next” to find out!

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4 thoughts on “6 Major Cities Where Seniors Regret Purchasing a Home”

  1. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and love it! Retired and single, lots to see and do! Crime is rising, mostly stolen cars. I take buses bc I’m native New Yorker. Beautiful natural areas. Good climate. Love being outdoors in clean air, under trees, or by the water.

  2. Asheville NC use to be a beautiful place to live but the policies the mayor has supported have destroyed this small city. Crime, mostly due to homeless drug addicts, have made Asheville a very dangerous place to live.

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