7 Hard Truths About Retiring Overseas

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The food

In some exotic destinations such as the example above, Belize, you usually eat as soon as the chef is done prepping your food. However, sometimes there’s a lack of speed and efficiency.

After all, the food you’re going to get is extremely fresh, so if you’re willing to give up on one thing for another, then you’re definitely in good hands!

The standard living

Now, let’s take Panama as an example, as it is another wildly popular destination many retirees would dream about. Panama is rich in indigenous cultures, but it also has an enormous metropolitan area, known as Panama City.

But except for Panama City, you’ll mostly find rural areas, or small towns, where there’s a much smaller population. The standard of living in these regions is rather low, but it’s peaceful and quiet.

It solely depends on what you’re dreaming of! However, one thing’s for sure: you will rarely manage to have both things, wherever it may be!

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