How Far Can $1 Million Last You in Retirement?

retirement million
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Walking up as a millionaire might seem like the best way to live as comfortably as possible throughout your golden years, right? Over a third of millionaires think achieving such a secure retirement takes a miracle.

I know what you might be thinking: “This is insane. What else could they possibly need?” However, they do have a point. Consider rising inflation and the shaky stock market we’re currently dealing with. Everybody is afraid of these two, including the wealthier.

Luckily, financial experts came up with the most soothing solution: stop worrying about having an asset plan and start thinking of an income plan. Those people with pensions, Social Security, and other annuities might be surprised to know that they can cover expenses with that income, and their savings will become just the icing on the cake.

Various factors need to be considered, from housing to health care, as they might impact your budget and establish whether $1 million is the right approach when it comes to savings. So today, we’re trying to answer the big “elephant question” in the room: Is one million dollars enough?

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