Curious About Big Taxes? Here’s How 8 States Tax Retirees

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Are you aware of this year’s taxes? 

Less money spent on taxes? That would be brilliant! You want to move to a different state this year, but you are not entirely sure about this. This is a straightforward question for most retirees. And that’s OK because you need to take into consideration a lot of facts if you want to move to another state. Maybe it’s because of the money, or maybe you want to be closer to your grandchildren. It doesn’t matter because we got your back!

Taxes can differ from one state to another, and it might be a burden, especially if your income is not what you expected it to be.

If you’ve thought about moving, which would be your ideal destination?

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2 thoughts on “Curious About Big Taxes? Here’s How 8 States Tax Retirees”

  1. You need to swap out Alabama for Virginia. Virginia taxes literally everything ata a high rate. I pay almost much personal property tax for my 4 year old truck as I do for my house.

    1. I can’t quite understand your comment, but I think that you are saying that the taxes in Va are high & I agree! I get so upset every time I have to pay taxes on my vehicle every year!!!

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