10 Mistakes to Avoid When You Retire

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Because retirement is a big change of lifestyle for anyone, and because you have to, that might be the time to redefine yourself. But what about the mistakes you can make? Even if you don’t think about them, there are some you can avoid.

Try to have fun as much as possible, travel whenever you can, or maybe relocate to another country if possible. Be patient because you have all the time in the world and try to be wise when it comes to money.

Be careful about what you are eating and try to keep it as healthy as possible because medical treatments might be expensive. Do you have medical insurance? What about a 401(k)? These are some questions you need to ask yourself in order to have a quiet retirement.

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5 thoughts on “10 Mistakes to Avoid When You Retire”

  1. Most of your info was helpful, but believing you should retire in California is definitely a Big NO! Everything in California cost triple the amount you pay in most all of the other states. They have ran out of water, traffic is atrocious in most areas, now they are having Blackouts! Please do not encourage anyone to move to California!

  2. Good Basic overview of retirement issues. While everyone wants to retire early, money and healthcare are the two biggest items that everyone should spend time analyzing before pulling the work plug. After 5 years of retirement, I still maintain a budget that is reviewed periodically to see how well we are doing. As for healthcare the biggest challenge is finding a supplemental plan that will meet your needs and is affordable.

  3. Hopefully there will be a lot more help for retirees due to the rising cost of EVERYTHING. People that have worked ALL of their life and paid taxes deserve a bit more.
    This world is controlled and guided by MONEY so if you don’t have any get ready to suffer in more ways than one.

    Hurrah!! for all of the past workers of this dying country. In God I trust…..

  4. This is just trying to promote CA. CA is not a good place to live if you work. San Francisco is passing a reparations bill. If you have income, you will be paying people of color $5 million each because “they are oppressed”. A lot of working people will be leaving CA because they do not agree that anyone in the USA deserves a free ride.

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