Top 8 Worst Cities For Retirement

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What Are The Worst Cities To Live Out Your Retirement?

For most of us, the location where we retire isn’t hard to work out. After all, living close to family and friends is often one of the biggest deal-breakers for what most people picture their golden years to be like.

Also, many people won’t want to part ways with a town or region they’ve called home for most of their lives. Still, many others are happy to use retirement as a chance to explore.

Sometimes it’s a matter of wanting a sunnier climate, and others might just want to trade in the high cost of living and fast pace of a big city for somewhere better suited to living on a fixed budget.

Regardless of why you may want to move, carefully consider your desired landing spot. You don’t want to end up living in one of the worst cities in America!

You should consider your nest egg and carefully plan around certain expenditures like the annual cost of living or what it will cost you if you need to hire a home healthcare worker for you or your spouse.

But besides all this, if you’ve already decided that you want a change of scenery, be careful of the location you move to. Not all cities are worth your peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at the 8 worst cities to live in America!

…Keep reading to see if your hometown is among the worst cities!

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33 thoughts on “Top 8 Worst Cities For Retirement”

  1. While Portland Oregon used to be a nice quiet town. Efforts by the cities political leaders to make the area more cosmopolitin have left the police force woefully understaffed and many people who could have contributed to improvements have departed for places where petty crime and nightly shooting have made the place dangerous for senior citizens as well as others. Also street racing after dark where young people are offten injured make the general area generally unsafe for anyone who does not know their way around such dangerous rotating hot spots.

    1. Seattle Transplant

      Very well written response. I chose to leave Seattle when I retired for those same reasons. I was assaulted twice in the last year that I lived there, and the police had been told not to charge vagrants with crimes because they wanted to be a sanctuary city for them. I was disappointed that the article didn’t indicate what the ranking was based on as some cities were identified as too expensive, others lacking health care, some lacked activities, and Memphis did have crime mentioned. The writer seemed to think that both Indianapolis and Memphis were near Tornado Alley in Oklahoma and Kansas, so I think it was just opinion based. I know I certainly didn’t leave Seattle for the weather. It is grey, but if you aren’t affected by SAD, then the weather is wonderful.

  2. Why would you want to live in Portland Oregon ? Crime is outrageous. They don’t prosecute the criminals. Don’ know & don’t want to know.

  3. Democrats should retire to Portland to see what is being done to the rest of the Democrat run cities and states in our country !

    1. First of all
      Did you realize if we took ever abandoned house in this country. EVERY HOMELESS PERSON WOULD GET A HOUSE AND THERE WOULD BE LEFTOVERS…WE DON’T FIX HOMELESSNESS WE COMPLAIN…
      AS FAR AS DEMS..WELL…Try coming to s.carolina with loose republican gun laws..murder crime has DOUBLED governers selling land to foiegn companies that are not paying taxes so these beauracrats can line their pockets with wealth and the commoner has to pay the taxes for these roads and such..and come look at our republican roads…youll cry as you take your car for repairs because of this..look at how our republican governor cries on national TV like a whiney 12 yr old..then let’s move to AZ where republican governers have sold land to forien countries and now water supply is in jeopardy..or look at ALL the Republicans charged with fraud,embezzlement, child porn,hooked getting abortions so their wives don’t know..avoiding taxes…my point is this…its not republican or democrat thing ..your hating a two headed headed snake,2 different heads ,one body,..they want people like you divisive and on a team….the divided nature of government is a falsehood labeled onto its people so that they can sit back in laziness whilst you do the bidding…whether right or wrong you’ll do the bidding

    1. It’s certainly not consistent with any NYC neighborhood where you’d actually want to live.

      The estimate of $2000 for a one-bedroom in downtown LA also seems low to me. And downtown—Yuk! I lived there from 2017 to 2019, so I have a pretty good idea. It’s great for bars and restaurants, but the scarcity of supermarkets and everyday services, not to mention the incredibly crappy system of public transport, means you will still be car-dependent even in that very dense area. And when you factor in the enormous homeless population, it can be quite scary. That said, living in LA can be wonderful if you choose the right neighborhood—preferably very close to your work so that time spent in the notoriously horrifying traffic jams will be minimal. It will cost you BIG, but there’s no other place like it.

    2. No kidding! “In NYC, 2-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $867 (20.99%) year-over-year from $4,128 to $4,895. Seattle a 2-bedroom average is $3,234” …according to rent dot com.

      1. Mario Calderon

        That’s insane!!! Please tell me where
        I’m the Government GOP or Democratics have done any soul searching about the outrageous rents across the country? They can’t even agree with each other let alone their own party lines! They claim they don’t want to take away your SS and they are right in a sense. They just don’t want to fund it anymore then say we didn’t take it away we just ran out of money. Same with Medicare!!! You see they’re ok as they’ve been in office too damn long and will
        Retire with a full healthy pension and medical.
        If the POTUS can only serve 8 years then that should be good enough for our Senators and Congress’
        This 30 and 40 year reign with powers is over the top!!! To much control while they are doing business with the very same corporations and companies tearing our country apart! Selling everything off overseas INCLUDING CHINA!!! Yes they talk about China being an enemy but still buy all the goods from them!!!’ Bunch of hypocrisy!!!

    3. I see you posted this 6 months ago, but you’re right! That $2,500 is just for the closet in NYC. Even Long Island has rents that are higher. And low crime?! Where in NYC? Too expensive for housing & necessities, too high taxes, the once greatest city in the world has become a nightmare.

  4. I’ve lived in Sacramento Ca for 45 yrs and have retired here. Too late to move anywhere else, and my family is all here, so I wouldn’t want to move. Crime is terrible, but it’s everywhere. There are a lot of homeless, but that’s everywhere in California. I enjoy my life here. I’m settled and our home is paid off, so I can’t complain.

  5. Any city, town, village, township that your home resides within a 3mi radius of RR tracks, In the county you decide to reside in oil pipelines (above or below ground )underground aquifers close to a quarry, your personal property with well water on your property, 25 million americans live within 3mi of a RR track system.

  6. Massachusstes area one bed room no utility $1900 in the suburbs in Boston area $4000 parking is extra $300 don’t ever think about retire here , heat and electric in this cold state another $800 a month one bed

  7. Palm Beach florida is not much better…..soaring everything forces you to live without a lot of things you had earlier in life.
    Taxes force you out of your home….

  8. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening to our beautiful cities across the United States…. Once our vacation destination ……. not any more….. the cities are loosing $$$$$$$$$$ from many tourist…. Where are they getting the money to run these towns????????????? From the homeless??? or illegals ???? So it will be the “Fall of the US” soon… the Romans……

    1. Mario Calderon

      Jean I watch a lot of all news casts and see the illegals as we call them today but not back then when the British and Spaniards came to this country to rape and pillage it of it natural resources then hundreds of years later the took the lands of the indigenous people here had the Chinese build the railroads for peanuts the South had the Europeans bring in the black slaves to
      Farm their crops and cotton for free. A couple of hundred years later All the big ships came in with the Europeans from everywhere gave them green cards, and meal vouchers then found them Housing and jobs that didn’t pay much but had a roof over their heasds and a hot meal.
      So please 🙏🏽 tell me where the “illegals” are taking money from? Or are the smuggling in millions for the cartels? Please educate us a little bit I think we all love a little history and collaborated FACTS!
      Come on we’re listening!

  9. Democrats need to be ousted but cheat in elections to stay in power in all these cities. U til legislatures clean up voting rolls , I fear for the worst. It’s amazing that when a good strict law abiding community backs the police how fast lawlessness can be cleaned up. The liberals pander to the law breakers be it drugs, thievery, murders, borders, crooked voting, wokeness, transgenderism, and destruction of women’s sports to name a few .In 476 AD the Roman Empire ceased to exist. We’re not to far behind with out of control spending.

  10. America has existed over 200 with a lot of problems. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about money hungry greedy people. There was of crime in the “good old days” just as today. People tend to forget about the Irish, The Italians, the mobs, the crime families and the drugs and alcohol that plague all the big cities ant one time or the other. Everything is going up. When a 2 bedroom was $500 a month, people was working for $150 a week. How quickly some die hard patriots forget about those day

  11. People retire to various cities for many reasons, low taxes are probably at the bottom of the list.
    Some of the information is correct, I am sure, but some incorrect as well. Kansas and Louisiana are in tornado alley, Indianapolis is not included. I have visited or lived in each of the cites listed as worst to retire to. In each of these if you are already there and love it, plus have the means to live comfortably, I say stay!
    Thank you for the article and the insight.

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