6 Best Florida Neighborhoods to Retire in 2023

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Have you ever wondered which are the best Florida towns and neighborhoods to retire to?

Are you considering relocating during your golden years? A lot of Americans go down this route when they retire, and Florida seems to be at the top of the list for most people. Part of the reason that this is their choice is the weather, as a lot of people want to leave behind the cold climate in favor of the warm Florida one, as well as the relatively low amount of precipitation this state gets.

Even so, not all cities are what they are made out to be by fliers and campaigns that try to attract you to them. And the rent is also something to keep in mind if you are going to relocate as well! This is why we have gathered some of the best-known retirement communities, which are highly regarded by retirees who live there.

From bigger cities that will definitely not be missing anything you would need to quainter towns for the ones of you that desire less hustle and bustle, we are sure to have something for everyone!

Tell us which of these towns has captured your heart!

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18 thoughts on “6 Best Florida Neighborhoods to Retire in 2023”

  1. How can you not mention The Villages! It’s the largest retirement community in the world for a reason. I lived there 8 years and loved it. Don’t even need a car and 3000 clubs to join for any interest.

    1. 1PatriotForever

      Not to be offensive but in Florida it’s known as the STD capital also. ^5 🙂 We almost moved there and then we started hearing this rumor ^5

  2. I had a winter home in the town of Palm Bay, Florida, which is right next to Melbourne. It was in a gated 65+ senior community, and all the stores and restaurants were right across the street. It’s a beautiful little town, with proximity to the larger Melbourne, and very reasonable. I loved being able to go out in my front yard, and watch the rockets go up at Cape Kennedy. The weather was wonderful, with an average of 70 degrees all winter. We only had two cold snaps where it got cold, but never below freezing. I highly recommend Palm Bay for retirees. You get the small town peacefulness, but also get the big town access. The beach is like ten minutes away, and it is halfway between Jacksonville and Miami. The senior community kept us busy with dances, dinners, games, classes, bingo, and various activities. The senior center offered trips that were very reasonable. You can’t beat Florida for a good retirement!

  3. Myles, I wondered the exact same thing. My brother has lived there for 6 years and says it is the most wonderful place he has ever been.

  4. Way too conservative and the rumors of promiscuity and rampant STD’s doesn’t sound speaking to be. Also state in quite a mess under DeSantis. Not for everyone.

    1. If the state is such a mess under Desantis, then why are people flocking to Florida and leaving all of these blue states?

    2. That was my first thought also. As a married gay man I couldn’t conceive of being welcomed in The Villages. Florida, under DeSantis, is now completely off the list of possibilities. When reading daily news articles starting with “Florida man…” it is apparent to me that there are better places with less drama to be found.

      1. william paulsworth

        Way too overblown. Florida is great, better than the democratic cities. They are crime ridden.

  5. Ralph L. Parks

    My first year in the Navy after basic training was Key West, FLA. & I loved the weather, on the coldest nights I went into town, wore casual pants, short sleeve sport shirt & a light windbreaker, slept under a sheet & light blanket, loved it.

  6. Florida used to be New York with palm trees. Now it’s to the right of Texas. The politics are raw, rude, and leaning toward Gilead. Families should avoid it. The schools are not supported by state budgets, the attacks on fine books and even colleges is shameful, voting can be a frightening experience, a terrible and threatening place for LGBQ+ people, and families do not know if one of their children is not straight. That happens later after the education system has already failed them. Righty seniors think it’s paradise. People carry guns, young women can’t obtain appropriate healthcare, schools are a mess, and diversity is smothered. As a lefty senior, formerly active in politics, I do not anticipate a swing toward even the center for at least a generation. I’m sick of the rancor and have recently moved away to a blue state. The people are much more respectful and polite. Remember, Florida used to be a slave state and the deep and painful divisions are it’s heritage. The love of or hatred of Cuba is a big factor. Why so many righties hate socialists (they think we all are) and communists and are fine with a fascist dictator, I’ll never know. So do your homework folks, before you move to Florida. If you think you can avoid the scourge, think again. It permeates everything.

  7. Chris – If you think FL is not welcoming to gays, you haven’t been to Key West – it’s a haven for the LGBT + community.
    I love FL & Gov DeSantis.

  8. If you don;t like Florida and what it offers, move away, I’m sure Chicago, LA, NYC, SF, Boston, Philly, anyplace in New Jersey, Delaware, Asheville, even Denver, will welcome you with open arms and be happy to take your income.

    1. Most everyone saw in real-time the traitor-fest that occurred on January 6th at the Capitol. After that despicable day led by the Traitor In Chief himself, there is nothing that anyone can say or do that will cause me to ever respect/support “you know who” or anyone who supports “you know who” or the entire Gross, Pathetic, Obnoxious (GOP) party ever again.

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