New York Retirement: 8 Honest Pros and 5 Cons Seniors Must Know

New York
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If you’re considering retiring to New York City but just want to gather a couple of pieces of information before deciding anything, then you’re in good hands. Here, we’re going to discuss the city, the quality of life there, the medical infrastructure, and public transportation, as well as the living costs and any other things that you might need to know before deciding on anything.

First, as a general rule, it’s worth mentioning that the living costs are higher here than anywhere else in the United States. As for housing, there’s an ongoing issue with this matter in the Big Apple due to an increasing housing shortage. Because of this, housing is much more expensive than anywhere else. You would be shocked to find out that New York is pretty much a safe city, as the crime rates are much lower compared to other big cities.

When it comes to climate, maybe you would be thrilled to know that there’s a humid continental climate there, with very warm summers and cold winters (especially if you want to live every single season accordingly). The public transportation in NYC is also pretty decent, as long as you decide to live close enough to the center.

You’d be glad to find out that in NYC there are some of the best doctors and hospitals in the United States, so your health will always be in good hands.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of moving here. Should we start with the pros? It’s always good to start with the pros!

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