7 States With Premium Quality of Life for Seniors

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Do you know which states give seniors the best quality of life ?

Retirement is probably the best period of time. We no longer have the stress of going to work; our kids are grown up, and they probably moved away from home years ago. Now we have the time of our lives to spend it as we please. But between the pandemic, inflation, and skyrocketing prices for everything, the thought of being less stressed seems far away.

However, the future doesn’t need to be that dark! And here’s the good news: in America, there are some states that allow retirees to live a longer and more prosperous life. If you’re curious about which states provide the best quality of life that allows you to enjoy your golden years, click on the next page to see the rest of the article. And by the end of it, don’t forget to leave us a comment to tell us if you’re among the lucky ones that live in one of these states. Let’s start!

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8 thoughts on “7 States With Premium Quality of Life for Seniors”

  1. Where’d you get your info? Joe Biden’s press secretary? Washington? Come on. Utah? Where most houses are 25 miles apart and the elderly freeze stepping out their doors in December. Minnesota? Where setting fires is a hobby and elderly more likely to be harassed and/attacked by goons of Antifa, etc. New Jersey (well nothing more needs to be said th
    an we all already know)

  2. Very skewed toward the NE and with very little regard for climate. All are ‘winter’ states with the possible exception of DC. I’m 80 years old, retired for 19 years and can’t see myself living in any of those places even though most of my family is in or near one of them. Which of these states do you think would suite those folks who live in the SE, SW or PNW? Why not choose the best state in each of the 5 or 6 regions of our country plus DC
    and one at-large state, explain what you are doing, and make this more realistic. And what about AK and HI? There is a great tendency among those on the east coast to forget that they are even a part of our country.

    1. Exactly. Quality of life? For me climate is a huge part of enjoying life.. We moved from NH to TX and didn’t regret it despite the heat at times. Seniors don’t do well with cold, damp, and windy 8+ months of the year.

  3. I would not have expected New Jersey to be on a list of “best” for seniors, but it is my place because of its cultural and historic richness in addition to the benefits which our high taxes support- wonderful public spaces, first-class libraries and well-funded public schools which permit even our poorest resident children to learn what is needed for productive lives as adults. Our immediate proximity to Philly and NYC plus day-trip access to Baltimore, DC, and Boston and subsidized public transportation further enrich our lives. Plus there are many major airports to travel the planet. New Jersey is like heaven on earth, even ignoring the many Ivy League schools and major medical facilities which provide us places to do serious research and bump shoulders with academic giants.

  4. In regard to your article on the 7 premium quality of life states for retirees, you had Minnesota as #7. While I do agree with it being a beautiful state and really good medical services, a few things made me leave the state when I retired. 1. Minnesota taxes all forms of income so even though I’m slightly over what is considered the federal poverty level, I would have had to pay income taxes on both social security and my small retirement withdrawals. 2. I could not keep shoveling all that snow every winter and I certainly don’t have the level of income needed to hire someone else to do it for me. 3. With the long winters, snowy and icy roads, it makes it much more difficult to get around in winter months so you become more isolated from others a large portion of the year. 4. With winter months being overcast most of the time; I suffered severely from S.A.D. each winter. That combined with the winter isolation made it too difficult for me to stay there.

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