10 US Cities Where $2k a Month Is More Than Enough

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If retirement is in your cards in the not-so-distant future, it probably means that you will have to live on a fixed income, which for a lot of us can be a bit daunting. Especially when compared to when we didn’t have this type of limitation. This is why you may be looking into changing your hometown, as there are a few cities that will allow you to live your retirement life to the fullest while still stretching that dollar to the max!

According to a study, the average American who is 65 and older spends, on average, about $1,982.25 each month. This amount included the cost of rent, groceries, and any healthcare costs they may have had.

And if you already know that your budget cannot exceed $2,000 a month, then it’s high time to make that strategic move. By that, we mean that you should consider moving to a city where you will be living within your budget, so you can possibly save some money too.

It’s a strategic move, and truly, there are lots of places all around the country where you could make this move. We just chose some of the best cities in our opinion and brought you an estimate as to how much living there would cost.

Be it that you want to change the climate, be closer to family, or are looking for a strong sense of community since you have more free time now, we think we’ve got a place for you no matter which city you choose! And don’t worry! We did the math for you, so you will know, on average, how much money it would cost you to live in that city!

Have you considered moving somewhere else after you retire?

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6 thoughts on “10 US Cities Where $2k a Month Is More Than Enough”

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  1. You have got to be kidding. Every city has either hot and humid summers, or freezing winters, which drives up utility costs, and is not outdoor friendly. I grew up in Illinois and I have no desire to go back to that weather or tornadoes! I guess I’ll stay in Coastal Oregon, where the climate is mild and the ocean and forests are breathtaking for a senior outdoor lover! Even with a high cost of living.

  2. This list is good but one very important thing left out is the crime rate per city. That has a lot to do with where you decide to live especially if a more mature adult.

  3. You’re Kidding, Right. Are you promoting Texas? Oklahoma, really. This must be a joke. There is only one city I would even want to visit on this list. We will stay in the Pacific Northwest with our lush, green country sides, our beautiful lakes, our four seasons, and our great people who embrace diversity.

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