8 Fun Indoor Activities for Retirees

What are your favorite indoor activities? 

The past two years forced us to find indoor activities, and a lot of people discovered new hobbies. For sure, it was a rough period of time, but we can always fill our time indoors with a lot of fun activities. Starting with jigsaw puzzles or reading, spending time stuck in the house doesn’t need to be boring.

Recent studies have shown that having a hobby can help you improve your mental health and can lead to a happy retirement life.

Keep on reading to find out what the funniest indoor activities are for a senior who is either home alone or a more sociable one.

indoor activities
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1. Gaming

Let’s face it! Gaming is always a fun activity to have because it provides great entertainment and it gives you a chance to socialize! And we all want to have a lot of friends who we can have fun with.

Recent studies have shown that a lot of people over 50 are playing video games and are interested in buying them for every platform: phones, or consoles.

Did you know that even online games give you the opportunity to play against your friends? That’s cool because it’s challenging and entertaining!

Or maybe you are a less technology-oriented person and you prefer playing cards or even Monopoly. And that’s amazing!

What is your favorite game to play?

2. Plant an indoor herb garden

If you are living in an apartment and you don’t have access to a backyard, then you might consider doing some indoor planting. You don’t need to have many plants that can occupy your balcony. Start with baby steps and first get some small pots.

Make sure you place them in a sunny spot of the house and don’t forget to water them accordingly.

If you love cooking, having a tiny garden inside your apartment will help you have fresh herbs for your food. Gardening can also be a fun indoor activity!

You will love how your plants will look, and social media is a great place to share the photos you take.

There are a lot of welcoming groups where you can chat with other retirees about the hobby you both share.

What are your favorite indoor activities? 

indoor activities
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3. Cooking 

This might be one of the most common of all the indoor activities. Because everybody loves it when Grandma is cooking, right? If you’ve always had a thing for making pies or even some delicious roast beef, now is your time to shine!

We all know how a great dinner can bring the family together and how nice it feels to be close to relatives you haven’t seen in a long time.

Maybe you will focus more on a healthy diet during your retirement years because we all know how important this is. This daily habit can be easily transformed into a hobby because you can start creating new meals.

Social media provides a large variety of dishes, and it’s up to you if you want to make something fancy or something easy to grab as a snack.

Indoor activities can be fun too, especially if they turn into something healthy!

TIP: If you remember some old recipes from your family, you can create a family cookbook. You can ask your grandchildren to help you out with this! 

4. Reading 

Nothing compares with the time spent reading a good book, right? Because we all know that during the work years you bought a lot of books and you didn’t have the time for them. Now you have all the time in the world.

If it’s a rainy day or just too warm to go outside, you can always choose this as an indoor activity. because there are so many genres to choose from.

Basically, there is something for everyone, regardless of taste. If you want to switch from a physical copy of a book, you can buy a Kindle.

And there are a lot of e-books available, most of them with reviews from other readers.

If you are in search of some new indoor activities, reading is one of them and might become your favorite so far!

5. Stay updated with the news

One of the most popular indoor activities is surfing the internet or binge-watching TV. But it’s crucial to limit the amount of time you spend in front of the screens. It may be bad for your eyes, but also for your body.

What if you could find other ways to be entertained while also keeping up with what’s going on in the world?

Keeping updated with the news is pretty important. Especially during these days.

Do you remember when you used to enjoy reading the newspaper?

You can do this again while you drink coffee in the morning. It can be a nice routine and if you are not subscribed to any daily paper, maybe it’s time to do this now!

6. Learn Origami

This is basically the Japanese way of focusing but also being creative at the same time. And can be one of the most fun indoor activities! This hobby will help you create unique gifts for friends and family, and you will love to just use them as decorations.

And don’t be afraid because it’s not that complicated to do! You will figure everything out when you start doing it.

Japanese people use this fun activity to keep themselves creative. It’s also a nice way of expressing yourself, and if you are looking for something that can keep you engaged for hours, this is the activity you’ve been looking for.

This is one of the indoor activities that is friendly on a budget too! The only supply you need is a lot of paper.

If your grandkids are interested in this activity too, then you might teach them and have fun together. You can make animals, airplanes, or even flowers.

What do you think about this? Have you ever tried origami?

indoor activities
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7. Learn to play a musical instrument

Wow! This is challenging, for sure. But maybe you were always a music lover, and when you were young you secretly wanted to start a rock band. Who knew? This is one of the most entertaining but also beautiful indoor activities.

Music is the joy of our lives. It’s that one little thing that keeps you calm when you’re anxious and happy when you feel like dancing? There are plenty of instruments for you to choose from. It depends on what you like.

Maybe you are melancholic, and hearing the sound of a violin makes your heart beat faster. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to play the drums.

Teaching yourself something new can be difficult, but not impossible. Recent studies have shown that learning new things helps you in the battle against dementia. Amazing, right?

You just need to have some patience on this journey because it won’t be easy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun!

If you find it difficult to learn by yourself, try to find an online teacher that can help you. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Good luck!

Are there any other indoor activities we haven’t mentioned?

8. Yoga 

Starting to move along for your own health doesn’t have an age limitation. And you don’t need to be in your 20s to start practicing a sport that you’d enjoy.

What do you think about yoga? It’s one of the most well known forms of exercise that helps you relax and improve your flexibility.

Because nobody wants to have less muscle mass because they are getting old, right?

Don’t forget to ask your doctor or your instructor what type of yoga you can practice in order to feel safe during the workouts.

What other sports are suitable for indoor activities?

I hope you managed to find something you want to try in the near future, because retirement is knocking at your door and it’s better to be ready for it.

What are your favorite indoor activities? Please share them with us in the comments section down below!

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