6 Ways to Make Your Home Safer as You Age

make your home safer as you age
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If you want to continue living in your own home as you get older, you should learn how to make your home safer as you age. When you are a senior, many things change, and you need to make your home more friendly to those new needs.

Going out in the garden or climbing those stairs are major chores, all due to that annoying pain you have in your knees that never goes away. Also, getting the paper towels from the top shelf is an impossible task without a step stool.

Living alone when you get older can sometimes be tricky, and because of this, you need to know how to make your home a better place. According to Capital Caring Health, more than 70% of people aged 55 and over across all racial and ethnic groups say they want to age in place or stay in their current residences as they get older.

Read on and discover how to make your home safer as you age!

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