Retirement Investments: 5 BEST Things You Can Do With Your Money Now

Do not fall behind! Make these retirement investments while you still can!

A lot of people are focused on investing for retirement and forget that there are several retirement investments that you should continue to make as you go further into your golden years. You should not be focused on how you can make money for retirement; you should also be thinking about how you can keep doing so as you enjoy the retirement you worked so hard for!

Not only should you be getting used to spending and saving money in retirement, as it is completely different than doing so as an employed adult, but you should also be thinking differently when it comes to investing.

Living on a fixed income comes with its own challenges, but thinking about retirement investments is another hurdle that you will have to get over if you want to be able to enjoy your golden years to their full potential!

As there is no playbook out there that dictates how you can invest and how you should be conducting your retirement so that you can have the best experience out there, we thought that we would come to your aid! Here are some of the best retirement investments you can make so that you can make the most of your finances and your time as a senior.

The lack of structure is great, as you cannot fall outside of the drawn lines of the “perfect” plan. See our suggestions and use them as you see fit!

Do you have any other retirement investment ideas? What else would you want to invest in as a retiree? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments below!

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Never fall back on investing!

If you have been investing all your life in order to make sure that you will not have to worry come retirement, you should make sure you do not fall behind on this practice! Sure, you may not have as many savings accounts and plans as you once had, but you should continue investing.

One of the reasons why you should is because your retirement may be longer than you ever imagined, and you do not want to end up in a tight spot financially!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in 2022 that the life expectancy of an American adult is around 76.1 years, so you should think about an expected 76 or older years. This means that if you plan to retire earlier, at 62, you should plan for at least 14 years, if not more, from your savings.

As you cannot know what will happen, your retirement investment should cover continuing to invest so you can passively continue to make income. That way, you can make sure you will never be in a position where you will outlive your finances.

Get rid of your mortgage as soon as possible!

If you have retired or are close to retirement and are wondering what you could do with some cash surplus, consider paying off your mortgage if you have one. This is the exact type of retirement investment you should never forego, as it is beneficial in the long run.

If you bought your house a while ago and have been constantly making mortgage payments over the years, the amount left to pay should not be a huge sum. Making a lump payment so you can pay it off is going to be an investment in your golden years.

Not only will you be able to forget any worries associated with these payments, be it forgetting about them or not being able to make them, but you’ll also end up with the sum you would have put towards that being added to your fixed income.

You get to get rid of a stressor while also making way for more funds for other activities! And, to be honest, peace of mind in retirement is priceless!

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Improve your quality of life!

You should never neglect your quality of life, and any retirement investment made in this area is going to pay off big time.

Think about it like this: the world keeps evolving, and so should you when it comes to making your life more comfortable, even if it occasionally means you will have to pay a little bit more for certain things. As you age, making sure you get the best care or that you have access to modern conveniences is important.

For example, if you love to hike but you find that you have some problems, you should not just sadly give up hiking. Talk to your doctor about it so that you do not risk your health in the long run, and then invest in a great knee brace and durable hiking poles. That way, you will maintain your quality of life while also making sure you are happy.

Likewise, you should not forgo any helping tools if you need them; it happens as we all age, and getting help, be it from an object, to maintain our quality of life is crucial!

Give fix annuities a chance!

Going back to finances, if you are worried that you may end up outliving your savings, you should start researching fixed annuities. A lot of them will turn into a stream of income that will be continuous over your retirement, and you should take the opportunity if you have the money needed for them.

If you invest with a larger lump sum, you may see some pretty good returns. Yet, this always varies depending on the policy associated with the account, so make sure you do your thorough research.

Fixed annuities are part of the retirement investments that are going to produce passive income for you, and since we have started to hear of retirements of over 30 years in certain cases, taking care of yourself financially is important!

If you do not know where to start researching how you can safely retire, we recommend that you read the Safety-First Retirement Planning book. It is easily accessible on Amazon and affordable, and you can learn a trick or two about worry-free retirement!

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Become a member of AARP!

This is one of those steps that many need to take in their golden years. Considering that you can apply and sign up for the AARP (which was previously known under the name of the American Association of Retired Persons) after you turn 50, it is safe to say that not many take advantage of this type of membership.

No matter if you are retired or not, if you are over the age of 50, you should join the AARP, as it will come along with a lot of benefits and discounts that you should be taking advantage of. There is nothing wrong with making the most of all the benefits presented to you, and when you get so many perks for the small price of $16 a year, it should be hard not to pass up.

Invest in your retirement even before you retire and join the organization. The number of discounts for dental insurance, movie tickets, groceries, and vacations, just to name a few of the services and products you can get better prices for, is worth the small yearly fee! It basically pays for itself through discounts!

There are a lot of things that you could consider as retirement investments, be they financial or otherwise. Another thing you should make sure of is your personal happiness and striving to be as happy as you can be during your golden years. If you are curious about where the happiest retirees reside, make sure you check out the U.S. states with the happiest retirees here!


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