6 Things You’ll Regret Keeping in a Safe Deposit Box

safe deposit box
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Bank safe deposits are perceived as a relic by some. Nowadays, it’s so simple to keep bank documents and other significant papers in electronic format that keeping them in a secured bank vault seems unnecessary. It might actually sound laughably outdated. Safe deposit box usage is actually declining, according to the available data. Most banks no longer provide them, and those that do claim that at least 50 % of their vaults are currently empty 

Undoubtedly, there are some items that you can always store in a safe deposit box. For instance, collectibles, jewelry, or family photos fall into this category. Also, Important documents may require extra protection, which a safe deposit box can provide.

However, there are several situations where a safe deposit box is not a good idea. There are some things you could regret keeping locked up in the bank, which is closed on weekends, holidays, and possibly even evenings.

It is recommended to keep the valuable items that you need to access quickly in an emergency in a fireproof home safe that is bolted to the floor. But what exactly are those things? Here you can find out which items should never be kept in a safe deposit box.

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