8 Enchanting Communities Around the World Where You’ll Live the Longest

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Which Communities Around The World Thrive?

In specific communities worldwide, people live and thrive well into their retirement years. And the prospering communities aren’t safeguarding some sort of secret fountains of youth. But they do share some standard ways of living.

In places where longevity reigns, locals eat balanced, primarily plant-based diets, partake in daily low-impact activities, focus on family and spirituality, and carve out plenty of time to enjoy life’s simple things, like taking naps!

Believe it or not, a love of wine is also dominant, as is sunny weather. Through studies, we’ve rounded up some of the countries where people have the highest life expectancy.

In all of these destinations, citizens live way over 75 years of age on average, compared to the global average of 71.

So if you want to travel somewhere where the people are happy, the culinary scene is health-focused, the weather is temperate, and the outdoor recreation rules, we have 8 excellent places to consider. Who knows, you might end up wanting to move there yourself!

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