8 Enchanting Communities Around the World Where You’ll Live the Longest

Photo by Mihai-Bogdan Lazar at Shutterstock

Where? Costa Rica

Average Life Expectancy: 78.7 years
Official Language: Spanish

The longest-living residents in Costa Rica believe their reason for living gives them a strong sense of purpose. This Caribbean nation is known for its sunny, tropical weather and has excellent healthcare.

Costa Rica’s beautiful jungle-ridden Nicoya Peninsula is singled out by experts for being home to the healthiest and longest-living citizens. Nicoya centenarians rise and shine with the sun and spend their days working, eating, and playing equally.

They have a positive outlook on life, credited to their Catholic beliefs. Most people spend a big part of their day active, either working on farmlands or walking around to visit loved ones.

Spanish colonizers thought they had discovered the fountain of youth when they reached Costa Rica’s natural hot springs near La Fortuna. They weren’t too far off the mark either. The springs really do provide a health boost to locals and visitors alike.

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