GREAT NEWS: 12 States That Will Send Out Stimulus Checks in 2023

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In March 2020, as you might remember, the American economy shut down completely as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. Almost instantly, the U.S. government implemented a couple of stimulus packages, in an effort to support all businesses and consumers.

Even if the federal payments have run out a while ago, there are a couple of states, which entered the game a bit later, that are still paying these stimulus checks. As many programs are slated to end this year, a couple of states still have 2023 payments to make.

Here are all the states that will pay stimulus checks in the following year:

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  1. The Colorado payments that you mentioned are not government stimulus payments. They are Tabor refunds, ie a government refund of overpayments that taxpayers had made. The voters in Colorado had passed a law several years ago that the state was not allowed to keep surpluses.

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