10 Best Places in the Midwest To Live on JUST a Social Security Check

Midwest cities
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According to the Social Security Administration, the average monthly payment is $1,618.29. Sometimes, a monthly Social Security Check isn’t enough for most retirees who don’t have other incomes – unless they decide to relocate to one of the most financially friendly cities in the inexpensive Midwest.

GOBankingRates used Sperling’s Best Places cost-of-living data to identify those cities where day-to-day life is low-priced and the rent for the average one-bedroom apartment has a reasonable price. Ultimately, the study analyzed AreaVibes data to identify low-cost, low-rent places with comparable strong livability scores, which are determined based on quality-of-life criteria such as amenities and crime.

If your only source of income comes from Social Security checks, your money will go the furthest in the Midwest. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 cities where you can live on just your monthly retirement payment.

Keep reading to find out about them!

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14 thoughts on “10 Best Places in the Midwest To Live on JUST a Social Security Check”

  1. Well, as I see it, retirement and cold, lousy weather usually don’t go well together. However, if you don’t have a choice…then we might have made better retirement plans before we had no choice.

  2. You do not mention anything about utilities. North Dakota gets very cold in the winter. What are the cost of utilities in this town during winter. Can a person on SSI still be able to live afford to there?

  3. OK, but who wants to live in Kansas or North Dakota?? Fishing and canoeing in Williston, ND? What, for maybe 4 months of the year?

  4. Joseph Campbell

    Sorry, notinterested in living in the Midwest. No thanks to super cold weather, flooding or tornadoes!

  5. Mary Ellen Tousineau

    Too cold for too long, stuck inside. If you live alone that is the worst with the grey skies and snow.. People have heart attacks shoveling snow. What is the point of living if you live like that? I bet the suicide rate is high.

  6. Whole-Lee-Smokes**!!
    A majority of the people in THIS comment section are giving rise to the stereotype “grumpy old folks”
    L Ö L

    **not gonna break
    Commandment III

  7. no thanks – came from the mid-west – – way toooo cold, and too much crime. some of the very cities mentioned are the very cities that appear on cop shows regularly and it’s due to the criminal activity. we’ve migrated to south Texas – – yes, it’s hot this year, but sure beats the cold winters up north. cost of almost everything – rent, groceries, gas – are much more reasonable down here and crimes are not so “random” – mostly between family members or groups. as for immigration – heck they head north asap. they don’t want to hang around down here. we’re lov’in it down here and best of all, feel safe.

  8. Not a grumpy old folk however cold and bad weather and dinky old run down apartments may not be what most retirees want ! U just keep on living and don’t judge happy Seniors!

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