8 Types of Americans Who Aren’t Eligible to Get Social Security

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Is every American eligible to get Social Security? The answer is no. The good news is that the number of those who won’t qualify for this kind of retirement benefit is relatively low. More exactly, about 3 percent of people aged 60 to 89 never receive Social Security. And others may run into difficulties that lessen, suspend or abolish their benefits.

Among those who never receive Social Security benefits are women, immigrants, Hispanics, never-married individuals, and widows. Also, there is a correlation between a low level of education and the never-beneficiaries category.

About 95 percent of never-beneficiaries don’t have enough workload history to obtain Social Security coverage. For 1 in every 5 couples and 44 percent of single people, Social Security makes up 90 percent or more of their earnings.

It’s very important to create a retirement plan to get an idea of both your income and expenses in your golden years. If you want to make sure you qualify for Social Security, then here’s a list of 8 types of Americans who aren’t eligible to get social insurance.

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  1. I didn’t get my full Social Security because I retired from a town and got a county retirement. I had my full 40 quarters and they kept most of it. It’s not fair!!!!! I earned it and should have received it.

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