6 Best and Worst States for Middle-Class Retirees

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Can you guess the states that are suitable for middle-class retirees?

Although the population of the middle class has stayed fairly consistent since 2011, a 2018 analysis found that the wealth disparity between higher-income households and medium-income Americans has only grown over time. But how do you determine which side you belong to? A middle-class family who earns somewhere between $35,000 and $99,999 per year.

To survive the current wave of inflation (which, unfortunately, is here to stay this year as well), you must be able to manage your daily living expenses while also investing for your retirement. This is highly dependent on the state you live in, as some are quite expensive!

If you’re interested in this topic, keep reading because we’re about to say which states are good or bad for all the middle-class families or single retirees, all of them ranked from the least favorable place to the first.

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1 thought on “6 Best and Worst States for Middle-Class Retirees”

  1. Cost of housing, taxers, etc. are all well and good. It is not, however, going to favor you to live in a state like Tennessee, which has more guns than any other state. Live in fear in your low rent house. No thanks.

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