6 Best and Worst States for Middle-Class Retirees

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5. Tennessee

Now, we have some good news! We are getting close to the best-ranked state on the list, but until then, we have a couple more that fit in the category of great places to live after retirement. If you’re a middle-class person who is looking to spend their golden years in a place where the cost of living is affordable and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a house, then Tennessee is definitely your go-to place! In the Volunteer State, you won’t pay an income tax, and the prices for properties are very affordable too! A middle-class family will pay around $1,680 per year for a $300,000 house, which is way below the national average.

Do you want any more valid reasons to move to Tennessee? Well, most of the citizens say that the cost of living is pretty low, and even if you don’t manage to save much until retirement, you can surely handle all the expenses. Compared to the majority of the states, Tennessee has the lowest prices for groceries too!

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  1. Cost of housing, taxers, etc. are all well and good. It is not, however, going to favor you to live in a state like Tennessee, which has more guns than any other state. Live in fear in your low rent house. No thanks.

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