6 Best and Worst States for Middle-Class Retirees

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6. West Virginia

…and the winner is: West Virginia! According to various studies, the most affordable state to live in 2023 is West Virginia. If you’re a middle-class retiree that seeks a four-season place to live that has plenty of outdoor activities and, of course, a low cost of living, then pack your bags because West Virginia awaits you! Additionally, did you know that the monthly mortgage payment is only $407 and the median home value is 70% less than the rest of the country?

West Virginia, one of the states with the densest concentrations of forests in the United States, is known as the Mountain State for a reason. It is situated in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, an area that can be visited all year round; in other words, it is a place where you will never be bored! If your physician has recommended that you have an active life during the golden years, then moving to a place where you can have fun in the wilderness is the best thing you can do.

Why do we recommend this place so much? Nobody paid us to say this; simply based on statistics and citizen opinions, for us, West Virginia sounds more like a paradise than Florida.

Bottom line:

After the pandemic started and inflation came like a huge wave, problems seemed to chase everybody, especially retirees everywhere. And while others may feel safe with their savings, others are still contemplating the best solution to enjoy their golden years. We hope this article about the best and worst states for middle-class retirees came to your aid, and we managed to enlighten you at least 10% regarding this topic.

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  1. Cost of housing, taxers, etc. are all well and good. It is not, however, going to favor you to live in a state like Tennessee, which has more guns than any other state. Live in fear in your low rent house. No thanks.

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