6 Best and Worst States for Middle-Class Retirees

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3. Pennsylvania

Another state that is a big no-no for middle-class retirees is Pennsylvania. The Keystone State’s high average property tax rate is the key factor in its inclusion on the list of states with the least favorable tax climates. The average state tax in Pennsylvania for a $300,000 home is $4,074 per year. In our rankings of property taxes in the United States, that represents the 12th highest amount.

For a middle-class family in Pennsylvania, income taxes are average, and the flat rate is 3.07%. On a brighter note, sales taxes are not that high; in fact, they’re a little below the national average. However, like in every other state, there are some pros and cons to living in the Keystone State, but if you don’t have a budget to balance the fact that the property taxes are utterly high, you better look for another state to relocate to for your golden years.


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  1. Cost of housing, taxers, etc. are all well and good. It is not, however, going to favor you to live in a state like Tennessee, which has more guns than any other state. Live in fear in your low rent house. No thanks.

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