6 Social Security Changes Coming This Year

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Our country’s most effective retirement program is Social Security. It was essential in rescuing about 22.5 million people from poverty in 2020, and a recent study by the national pollster Gallup found that it is essential in assisting just under 90% of retirees in sustaining their lives during their senior years.

Over 48 million retirees received benefits from Social Security in September, yet many people still have preconceptions about the program.

The Social Security program also goes through regular adjustments. Every year in the second week of October, the Social Security Administration publishes a fact sheet describing the changes that will affect the program’s beneficiaries and workers who will be contributing in the coming year.

These are the biggest changes to Social Security in 2023. 

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12 thoughts on “6 Social Security Changes Coming This Year”

  1. I am grateful to receive these updates. This helps to keep me informed. The cost of living continuously goes up and the adjustments to the Social Security allotment is needed. Thanks

  2. YEP an INCREASE that won’t meet the current price hikes on everything. PLUS I’ll bet anyone in this country that MEDICARE PRICES will increase. So our SS increase will be gobbled up by the rising Medicare costs. Especially since illegal aliens are getting FREE MEDICAL.! Trying not to be political,just the facts, WATCH AND SEE!

  3. I have a spreadsheet system based on my contributions and the prevailing bank interest rates over time. If I had been able to do that I would be able to draw three times as much money to age 95 and have $60,000 left over. If I had put it into a managed fund I would have several times that in both parameters, draw and balance.
    SSI is a typical government “Screw The Dummies” Washington, DC ripoff by our elected ruling class that thinks we are stupid and proves it over and over again!

    1. Patricia r Latta

      I have a list of the additional amount of money I am being charged each month because of increased costs. I also have a list of the additional amount of money I receive. Guess which is higher!

  4. Bryan Lee Lanszen

    I am thankful and grateful for the information this organization provides.
    I am hopeful that Congress will spend time to create legislation to address the funding of
    Social Security so a reduction of benefits can be avoided. This is vital to American citizens.
    Maybe Congress people and Senators will read this post. God Bless America, land that I love.

  5. To avoid Social Security reductions, vote Democrat, not Republican. The Republicans are always looking for ways to eliminate or reduce SS so they can turn around and give big tax breaks to the wealthy. Brats like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton certainly do not need more money.

  6. So wait! are you saying that since I was born on Dec 23 that my check which has been coming the second Wed of the month will now be switched to the 4th Wed!!! That means I will go 6 + weeks with out a check instead of 4+!!! I hope that new rule is not grandfathered in or in this case great-grandmothered in.

  7. Your site needs work. Plenty of info available of interest to seniors. However, was impossible to find the full actual lead article. I understand you need to appease your advertisers and make it easy to access their sites; but, why make it impossible for your readers to find what they want? Will never sign up for your service until you put your readers first.

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