Happy Retirees: The 8 Places Where They Live

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Do you want to be one of the happiest retirees?

When we retire, we all want to find peace and quiet. And while most retirees can manage to find it in the communities that they are already in, some may be thinking about all the reasons they should be moving away. While moving may not be for everyone, if you feel like you could be more fulfilled somewhere else, you shouldn’t let anything or anyone stop you from moving somewhere you could be happier.

But the question is, where can you move? The key to a happy retirement is to live comfortably, which includes being able to reach everything you may need easily, where the costs aren’t high, and where your mental health will be thriving. However, some of the best places to retire are not exactly the most affordable, especially for retirees.

In order to help you make the best decision, we have gathered some of the best locations where retirees say they have been the happiest and also added the cost of living for one person! That way, you can be in the know and make your calculations accordingly!

Let us know if any of these locations may end up being your new home in the comments below!

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